Saturday, April 5, 2008

Please help me...

So, Luna's feeling a little down in the dumps tonight, and I made it my mission to cheer her up. So, what better way to cheer a girl up then dancing and flirting. Only problem...this is he place I picked. Yeah, it really IS that lame.

So, people help me. Give me a good place to take my friend to meet a man tonight, before she seriously KILLS me!


Lizbeth Saenz said...

Try Sands, lots of people there most all of the time. I'm sure you're bound to find someone to talk to there and they're not all FOOTB(fresh out of the boat lol)

I'd get you a url but I'm too lazy, it's where Redgrave is, follow all the green dots. Great music, great fun. :) GL

Luna Jubilee said...

that was the best place ever ... totally had a blast - I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!!! <3 pheebs