Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kunglers Latest Releases

This morning AvaGardner & Barbra Kungler dropped on me their latest releases to review, and I have to say they are incredible. The first is Pecatto a short flirty red babydoll evening gown. It's short, showing off your legs, but also comes with these over the knee socks, which give it that playful little edge. This look is perfect for the woman who likes to be different, likes to stand out, and definitely wants to make a statement. This dress is $249 L, and is available in their shop now.

The next is Estella, a gorgeous navy, pinstripe pantsuit, which comes on so many layers and has so many different options. Don't we love having options girls? This outfit will allow you to mix and match with your other favorite basic pieces. The pants have a high waist, which is really trendy, but also comes with a patterned jacket. The silk undershirt is definitely a classic, which can be worn with the optional collar, or the pearls and fun pink flower. There are so many options in this outfit, at $349 L its a great deal. The Kungler sister's are amazing. They release at least 2 new pieces every Sunday, and honestly, I can't wait until next week!

Go check their store out here.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aphrodite Creations

Aphrodite Outlander released these adorable babydoll tops today, and she sweetly dropped me the fat pack of all colors to review. There are so many different colors to choose from, I almost couldn't pick 2 of my favorites. Aphrodite is one of the sweetest most generous designers in SL and she also dropped me a pack of her new Braceys which match the colors of the tops perfectly. The tops come in 2 different patterns with 5 colors in each. The Holly Dolly collection comes in blue, brown, green, pink, and purple. The tops are $100 L each, which is a great price for such a well constructed, beautiful top.

The Jolly Dolly is the next style and it's a bright shimmery top sure to make you stand out in a crowd. It comes in blue, green, lime, pink, and purple. For those who just can't decide (like me!) she offers a fat pack of all 10 colors for the great deal of $750 L.

Visit Aphrodite Creations, and if you see Aphrodite, tell her Pheobe sent you!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Thursday night is always my night to go shopping. It just always seems to work out that way. Maybe it's because Oscar's usually busy, so I have to find ways to occupy my time. Tonight as I was combing the feed looking through the new releases, there was one new release that made me tp over as soon as the post hit the feed. This dress is gorgeous!

I've always been a fan of SySy Chapman's designs. I remember I was first introduced to her as I was standing in the middle of Armidi. The only thing that actually rezzed was a girl wearing the cutest dress. I remember mustering up the nerve (because I'm usually too shy to ask) to talk to her and tell her that I thought her look was absolutely adorable. She pointed me in the direction of SySy's. I'm ashamed to say that I never actually made it to her store, but when I saw this new release tonight, I had to head right over.

It's one of those dresses that just screams to be noticed. Imagine walking into a party in this dress. It would definitely turn heads. I love red, so I was immediately drawn to that color, but it also comes in olive. At $195 L, it is honestly a steal. SySy, this is definitely my favorite new release in a really long time!

And while I was there, I picked up the other dress too. Now, I just have to get Oscar to take me somewhere I can wear them!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I stumbled across a store today. I had seen it mentioned on the feed a few times this week, but had never taken the time to go visit. I'm glad I did today. I absolutely fell in love. I picked up a couple of dresses. I could have went crazy in the store, but I limited myself to 2 dresses.

I'm wearing the Floral Dress in black. I love the black and white pattern. I'm a big black and white girl and find myself wearing a lot of it. I love the way it's a sweet little sundress but yet has a deep v just to make it a bit sexy. I paired it with a sweet soft updo and silver jewelry.

The next dress is Divine in purple. This dress comes in 2 other colors: a gorgeous green and chocolate. This dress is short, hugs your curves, and screams sexy. I love how rich the colors are, but that this can be dressed up and worn to a cocktail party or out to a club.

There are so many other designs. It really is a great little boutique and I'm sure we'll be seeing much, much more from this talented designer in the future. Head on over and check it out!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look straight ahead, nothing but blue skies

Today's look started with these adorable boots by Tesla. I've had these in my inventory for a while, but never managed to put an outfit together with them. Today's look is based on black and white. A simple look good for any occasion. I love these suede pants from Celestial Studios. I just love the way all their pants fit. The textures are so rich, I can almost feel the suede. I added a splash of color with this Lucky Horseshoe bag from Barerose.

Skin: SLink Cate Sunkissed Peony
Hair: ETD Janine Blonde
Lashes: (CS) Lashes - Vogue

Shirt: {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt White
Pants: (CS) Suede Pants Black
Vest: {Gisaci} Cambridge Knit Vest Black
Boots: TESLA 'Analise' White

Necklace: [Armidi Gisaci] Diamond Pendant Silver
Earrings: pc; Diamond Curl Earrings
Bracelet: *MM* I <3 Me Bangle Bracelet
Bag: ::: B@R ::: Lucky Horseshoe Blue

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yesterday Vylorna Demar dropped me some prezzies to take a look at. I just love getting prezzies! Inside was packed with skins, hair, and clothes. I feel completely spoiled! My favorite of the whole bunch was the Moo-print bikini. I love the cut of the bottoms. And the top is sexy without revealing too much. And the bright colors are wonderful.

Almost as if she could read my mind, she included something pink. I absolutely love all things pink. I'm also crazy for little babydoll tops, so the flowin' shirt was perfect. I had to resize the babydoll part, and I'm not so good at it, so I never got it to fit just perfectly, but I'm just about the worst at editing. I'm not patient, and I usually end up completely screwing it up.

She also has a 3 shades of hand-drawn skins. I tried them on, and Oscar informed me that they are very "hardcore" and I am not. So, I won't show a picture of them because I don't think I could do them justice. But, if you like hand-drawn skins, definitely check them out.

Visit Vylorna's store, Veezy. You won't be disappointed!

Thanks for the prezzies, Vy. It was an awesome surprise!

Oh, and check out her blog:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For you I'd bleed myself dry

Stripped 2, originally uploaded by Pheobe Petrov.

Sometimes I put up guards to keep people at a distance. I know this about myself. Maybe it's insecurity, or maybe it's fear, but I usually keep people at a distance until I know who they really are and I feel like I can trust them enough to let them close. I'm a relatively shy person. Often people see that as being stuck up, but it's actually the complete opposite. I had a friend who never knew a stranger. They could walk into a room and talk to anyone in the place. Me, I am always the quiet one. It takes me a minute or two to get warmed up.

I've always been known as the "sweet" one. I trust people too much. It's hard to say no. I'm too forgiving. But, I'm a loyal person, and it's hard to let go of people.

As much as I think these are character flaws, this is me. And, once you strip yourself bare and let people really see who you are, you'll see who truly matters.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Plywood is the new black...

You can be a plywood man, too!

Peter Stindberg dropped on me this Plywood Man av this morning, and I don't think he knew how much fun we would have taking pictures. Oscar is modeling this interesting creation for me. We were careful that we didn't let him get too close to the fire. Talk about a disaster. The following is from Peter himself:

In mid-2007 Qarl Linden introduced displacement maps - better known as sculpted prims or "Sculpties" - to Second Life and changed the virtual landscape tremendously. By that time I developed "Plywood Man" as a homage to the "old" style of building with prims.

Whenever I wore Plywood Man in the past, it brought a smile on resident's faces around me. I even won two costume contests with it. Plywood man is fully operational, and allows you to use whatever animation you want. The effect is stunning, reminding a bit at Pinocchio or vintage Sci-Fi robots.

Plywood Man is now available to the general public at a price of 199 L$. Enjoy!

Yours truly, Peter Stindberg

Plywood Man is available Onrez and on SLExchange for your convenience:

You can visit Peter's blog at:
And his GREENE Concept blog at:

New releases

Armidi had a new release today, and just like pretty much every woman in SL, I was there, fighting the lag. I think it took me about 30 minutes to get inside the door, but when I did...well, I had to resist the urge to buy all the new releases in every color. My fave new release would have to be this Hoja Top. I paired it with my favorite pair of black high waisted pants from Persona and my Stiletto Moody heels (on sale! yay!)

Product Info:
Skin - *<3!* Love Spell --Pearls--Natural--Fresh--Red Lip
Hair - ETD Xaria - Black
Lashes - (CS) Lashes - Vogue - Size 1

Top - {Gisaci} Hoja Top - Charcoal
Pants - *PERSONA* High Waist Pants
Heels - Stiletto Moody - Elegant Slingback (Black Twinkle)

Earrings - *Untone* Drop Earring - Black
Bracelet - **MM Luxe* Quartz Crystal Circle Bangle

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday Night - Date Night

Tonight I wanted to throw together a look that would be casual, yet flirty. Perfect for a Friday night date. I just love this dress from Elate! It's fun and bouncy and short and sexy. I paired it with a pair of metallic leggings so as not too show too much skin. A pair of heels and silver jewelry and I'm set to go!

Skin - SLink Madison Sunkissed Bowerbird
Hair - [Aden] Edie - Blonde
Lashes - Cake Bedroom Lashes

Dress - (Elate!) Felicity Sky
Leggings - Armidi Limited - Metallic Black
Heels - Maitreya Mishima Dawn - Patent Liquorice

Earrings - DDD Large Diamond Loops
Necklace - *MM Luxe* Quartz Crystal Pendant
Bracelet - *MM Luxe* Bamboo and Pearl Bangle

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Starting the weekend a little early

I saw this dress several times on the feed, but never actually found my way to the store to check it out. It wasn't until I saw another dress from this store blogged that I decided I needed to make a trip to this store ASAP. I was immediately drawn to this dress. I love big bold floral pattern and all the bright colors. This dress comes in several colors, but I was drawn to the black. I love how it makes the flowers just pop. I slipped on my favorite heels at the moment which are the Peep Toe Pumps from Kittie's Lair. I haven't been able to take these off since I bought them. I felt this dress needed an updo because there's so much going on with the dress, and I instantly fell in love with this style from ETD. I finished the look off with a bright pair of earrings.

Skin - SLink Madison Sunkissed - Bowerbird
Hair - ETD Ailyanna - Blonde
Lashes - Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Dress - AOHARU_BT Flower Layered Dress - Black
Shoes - Kitties Lair - Peep Toes Pump Tease! Black
Earrings - Paper Couture - Chinese Lantern Earrings

Life's about change, isn't that what they always say?

Profile3, originally uploaded by Pheobe Petrov.

When I started this blog with Luna, I had never done anything quite like this before. Part of me wondered if anyone would really even care about what I felt like posting. Would I have anything of any interest to say? Would people think that it was just another fashion blog that blended in with all the countless other ones that seem to be popping up everyday? Would my posts be up to par, or would I fall short? Would my blogging partner think I was doing my part?

When Luna asked me to start a blog with her, I was actually quite shocked. I hadn’t been around SL very long, and didn’t really even know my way around. I felt like the noob follower who sort of attached herself to Luna’s hip and tried to keep up, but somehow always ended up falling short and making a fool of herself. I hid behind a mask of being the “dumb one” who would always laugh about how stupid I was. But, just like everyone else, I was searching for a place to really fit in. The blog was that for me. I felt like I was doing something and had a place. I posted anything on the blog. My new loves, emo music, ramblings, misspelled words, poor grammar. Whatever I wanted. It was my place, it was our place. No matter what other people came in our SLives, we made sense to each other. We enjoyed spending money, talking and wearing the same clothes (and sometimes the same hair and skins). Fashionality was our baby. We challenged each other. We pushed each other. That was what I needed to actually follow through. Someone who would push me.

Luna has left Fashionality. My first reaction was to just shut it down. Could I really go on without her pushing me to keep it alive? Would anyone really care to see my pictures, or read my ramblings? Would I be able to carry on what we started?

I’m trying to not give up so easily on things. I’ve always had this problem of walking away from things when they got too difficult. I’ve decided to not do that anymore. Oscar gave me good advice: “Do it for you. Keep it up if it’s something you enjoy. It isn’t about anyone else, it’s about you.”

So, Fashionality will live on. I can’t guarantee you it will be about fashion, it might just become ramblings about whatever I feel like talking about. I can’t guarantee there won’t be pictures of my favorite people posted and sappy songs. But, I can guarantee you it will be fun.

So, here’s to new beginnings.

3x5 - John Mayer

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All Sales Are Final

My credit cards are cut, the sale is over, the store's lights are turning off ... my time on SL Fashionality has ended. I know Pheobe will proudly carry-on with her amazing style and grace. With many bags in tow, I bid you a fond farewell.
For my last outfit, I went with some of my more recent favs mixed with oldies but goodies:
Skin: LF CHAI Skin -Honey- Peaches Freckle
Eyes: MMS-Deep Blue Eyes
Lashes: MM-Catwalk Eyelashes
Hair: (Armidi Hair) - The Poynter - Smoked Mahogany
Shirt: {Gisaci} Trend du Jour with fleur skirt- Vecchio Bianco (part of set)
Pants: LC Hunt Club Jumper
Boots: *REDGRAVE* - Boots - Smoke-Leather
Jewelry: EMJ Moon of Jupiter - Bronze (not yet released)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who needs a reason to get all dolled up?

060208, originally uploaded by Pheobe Petrov.

Isn't this dress delicious? I've been feeling a little blah about shopping lately, but when I received the latest releases from Shai, I squealed with glee. This dress is the most gorgeous dress I've seen in a really long time. And the colors are something I'd be drawn to in RL as well. I paired the dress with a pair of Armidi open toed Gold heels and a gold bangle. For the hair I decided to wear it up to show off the gorgeous neckline. I finished the look off with my latest love, the SLink Madison skins in Peacock.