Monday, November 10, 2008

*Fishy Strawberry* Latest Releases

*Fishy Strawberry* is a new store that I've fallen in love with. The designs are so bright and colorful, and the first time I walked into this bright store, I knew it would be love. The new releases are stunning, and a little something for everyone. The Bon Bon Tops come jam packed with options. The shirts are available in the jacket layer for that untucked look and on the underwear layers. This blouse would be perfect worn layered or even on it's own. It also comes with necklaces and a broach. The necklaces are available in either 1 or 2 strands, and match the colors perfectly. It gives the blouse that extra pop. All the available colors are shown here: cherry, gold, silver, sugar. And another fabulous release are the Venezia heels available in the same colors. They match perfectly and have the most adorable little bows! I've worn these heels all weekend, I love them! I'm also wearing the Worker jeans in cabledude and carpenter. These jeans have amazing detail and are very unique with the pockets both on the legs and the optional pockets on the back. I thought these might be difficult to size, but it was really quite easy. There are 2 pocket sizes for the back for the perfect fit. I'm also wearing the Star Mini which isn't a new release but an old favorite. This skirt shows LOTS of leg.

Head to *Fishy Strawberry* and check out these fabulous new releases!

{Also wearing: Skin by Dutch Touch, Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Dutch Touch, Ring by Genesis, and Poses by Striking Poses}

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Earthstones Latest Release

It's time for new gorgeousness from Earthstones!  I was thrilled when Abraxxa Anatine sent over the "Knotty Beads" set for me to check out.  As usual, they are gorgeous and available in so many colors.  If you're like me, you'll have a hard time choosing which is your favorite.  I've worn them in Opal and Amethyst.  Knotty Beads are available in a long knotted necklace, adorable bracelet, and earrings that follow the same knotted theme.  As with all of Earthtones jewelry, the necklace and bracelet have a script resizer (yay!) for easy editing.

Head over to Earthstones and check out this set in all 9 colors.  My pictures just don't do it justice!

{Also wearing: Skin by Dutch Touch, Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Dutch Touch, Pants by Zaara, Shirt by Laqroki, and Poses by [LAP]}

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Review: Gigi Couture

The thing I absolutely love about designers all across the grid lately is that they are offering so many options. So many are giving us different ways to wear things, and I love that! Who doesn't mind parting with their lindens if they get 3 outfits instead of one?

Gigi Couture has embraced this idea and ran with it. Two of Giana Paine's latest releases give you so many options, it's sure to keep you looking fabulous every day of the week. The first dress is the Pink Sequin Dress, and it comes with 2 different shirt choices, but also an option to wear the blouse as an adorable babydoll top. The textures are fabulous, and I absolutely love the metallic feel of the dress. The sequins in silver add the perfect touch. This dress is perfect for a night out dancing. Not to mention the short skirt shows off your gorgeous legs!
The next dress is the Sunshine Silk Rouged Dress. I love the bright colors in this dress combined with the black waist and neckline. This dress just pops and will definitely get you noticed. The wonderful thing about this dress is it comes with 3 very different looks. You can mix and match this dress to create so many different designs. I love the sexy deep cut neckline and the way the blouse sweeps off the shoulders. It's such a visually interesting dress, it's sure to get you lots of attention.

These dresses are 2 examples of the fabulousness that is Gigi Couture, if you haven't been out to visit the store, had over to the mainstore on the Juicy sim!

{Also wearing: Skin by Slink, Hair by Deviant Kitties, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Pants by DeLa, Shoes by ETD and Armidi, Bracelet by +plus, and Earrings by artilleri}

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pink Outfitters Latest Releases

Pink Outfitters has adorable newness!  One of the things I love about London Dailey's creations are they have a certain flair, and her latest releases are no exception.  

First is the Emme Knit Sweater.  This is an adorable striped sweater, with the cutest ribbed cowl neck.  This is a favorite neckline on sweaters for me, and this one adds a feminine touch.  Stripes are really hard to perfect in SL, and London does them perfectly.  You can tell she takes a lot of time and effort to make sure everything looks perfect.  This sweater is the perfect addition to any girl's wardrobe, it can be dressed up or dressed down.  Emme is available in 8 colors.

Next up is the Glam Graphic Tee.  An adorable 3/4 length sleeve in a stretch crepe fabric.  The Glam Graphic Tee is available in 9 colors.

One of my favorites of the new releases is the Dreamer Dress.  London has taken an adorable patterned dress and given it an extra punch by adding a playful punch of tulle.  This dress is perfect for a night out dancing.  This dress is available in 6 gorgeous color combos.

Last up is the Builder Jumpsuit.  Who doesn't love a good jumpsuit?  This adorable linen set has great lines and shows off your curves.  The fabric of the jumpsuit is a laundered linen and looks very comfy and natural.  The adorable white tank comes with the jumpsuit to complete this look.  The jumpsuit is available in 8 colors.

Head over to Pink Outfitters and check out the new goodies!

{Also wearing: Skin by [the oBscene], Hair by Deviant Kitties, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Jeans by Pink Outfitters,  Shoes by Periquita, Bracelet by Love Chic, and Earrings by*Untone*}

Monday, November 3, 2008

Biddle Boots Latest Release

It's fall, and one of the reasons I love cooler weather is my love for boots.  I have so many different pairs in so many different colors, but the latest release by Valentine Biddle is definitely one of my favorite pairs.  Biddle Boots latest release is the Pirate Boots in black.  The boots are also available in ankle boots, and they have so many different options the combos are endless.  The boots feature menu texture change straps, cuffs, soles, and hardwear.  Not only do they come in fabulous colors, but they also come in animal prints, camo, and fur.  I love this!  Valentine really gives you options, and honestly it's not like buying one pair of boots.

Biddle Boots is quickly making a name for itself on the grid, so head over, grab a demo and try these fabulous boots.

{Also wearing: Skin by [the oBscene], Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Dress by Armidi,  Bracelet by +plus, and Earrings by Yummy}

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Skin Flicks Latest Releases

Skin Flicks has quickly become one of my favorite stores on the grid because of the options that Mavis provides with each new release.  I love her new "Mix and Match" line, and when she sent over a folder of her new evening wear, I was blown away.  I'll admit that when it comes to evening wear, I'm partial to a certain "look".  What Mavis has done with this new release is give us options to take different skirt options and pair them with various blouses and jackets to create a different look.  I love this!  Mavis has provided 3 different styles which are sure to meet anyone's tastes.

First I paired the Brianna skirt with the Brianna top in Beige Floral.  I love the sexy cut of this top, one bare shoulder and the other sleeve puffy.  This skirt is perfect for a cocktail party where a short, flirty skirt is appropriate.  The perfect thing about this skirt is that it isn't too short, but the perfect length.  I absolutely love this floral pattern, and I love wearing beige in the fall.  It's such a rich, glamourous look.  Next up is Floral Jacket in Beige which I paired with the Grace skirt.  This skirt comes in a short and long version.  The skirt version hitting just at your knee.  I'm not a huge fan of "system" skirt looks but this skirt is very well done.  And this jacket, you have to see this jacket to believe it.  It's so well done!  Love it!  Last up is the Sarah Top with the Taylor skirt.  Of all the tops, Sarah is my favorite.  I love the cut of the neckline, this is definitely the sexier way to go of the three.

As you can see, Mavis McGettigan has done it again.  Another gorgeous Skin Flicks release!  If you haven't been by Skin Flicks, now would be a perfect time to go!

{Also wearing: Skin by [the oBscene], Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Shoes by DeLa, and Earrings by GeorgiaBean Lately}

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Review: [the oBscene]

A few weeks ago, Kuja Akina let me know she was going to be releasing some new skins.  I held my breath (ok, not really) waiting on the release.  I was thrilled when she dropped a few of the skins on me to review.  I really love the skins at the oBscene.  The makeup options are of course gorgeous, but I also love the richness of the tones the skins are offered in.  I'm a sucker for "sunkissed" tones, and Kuja's skins have a rich, dewy-like appearance that I've absolutely fallen in love with.  A makeup lover in my first life, I always am drawn to skins which have unusual, dramatic makeup.  I love the use of color.  Maybe this is why I'm a skin lover in Second Life.  The skins in this release have makeup choices that honestly are to die for.

I've chosen 3 skin tones to show you in the picture.  First up is Venus-Diamond in Marigold.  This is a perfect makeup option for this time of year, I've worn it around for a couple of days now.  The shading on the skins is natural, and it makes my boobs look perfect.  You have to love a skin that does that!  ;-)  The next skin is Siren-Amber-Sibelee.  Of all the makeup options, this might be my favorite.  I love the natural lip, but the bold color on the eye.  The next picture is a paler shade, but it still has the same gorgeous richness.  Ciel-Quartz-Kyri is a bright green eye with an adorable pale pink pout.  Can I emphasize again that I love these makeup choices??  Last is another shot in the Siren-Amber skintone.

Head over to [the OBscene] and pick up your demos!

{Also wearing: Hair by ETD, Lashes by Cake, and Lingerie by Blacklace}

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Review: Earthstones

Earthstones is a store that I've been a fan of for a while. When I was asked to review this adorable set, I was so excited! I had seen this set in the store several times, but I just couldn't decide on the colors (the colors are all gorgeous!). I'm showing the set in Silver/Abalone. Sylvan is a warm, rich set, and each piece is more perfect than the last. It comes in a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and hip belt. The thing I love the most about all of Earthstones jewelry is it has a resize script which allows for easy sizing. I can't say how much I love this function! I really appreciate when designers take into account that not everyone is a sizing genius. Maybe I'm the only one, but I always end up really messing it up when I try to resize something. Usually I have to beg Oscar to fix it for me. Luckily he's sweet enough that he'd rather just help me with it then listen to me whine. :-) Ok, back to the set. The detail on this set is astounding. I love finding a designer who pays attention to all the little details in their jewelry. You have to buy this and try it on to fully grasp how detailed and gorgeous it is. It's a must have for any fall wardrobe.

If you haven't been out to Earthstones I urge you to go check it out, you're sure to fall in love just as I have!

{I'm also wearing: Skin by Redgrave, Hair by Truth, Shirt by Laqroki, and skirt by *Camie Cooper*, IM me in world, or leave a comment for more specifics}