Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's a hunt!!

Who doesn't love a hunt?  I got word that one of my favorite stores is having a hunt, and thought I would share the info with you.  I'm headed out there now, so if you're bored and love hunts as much as I do, tp over.  And if you see me, say hi!  We can hunt together!!

Here's the info from London herself:
There's a hunt going on right now and it ends this Friday (08/22/08)!!
I've hidden 10 goodie filled hearts inside and outside of the store see if you can find them all.

Hearts range from L$0 - L$100.  There are 2 exculsive never before released items, the PRODUCER PANT in WHITE and MESMERIZE EYES in BLACK.
The producer pants!  My favorites!

See you there!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Elate Goodness

Kellie Iwish, the beauty and brains behind Elate, sent over this gorgeous dress for review.  I've been a fan of Elate for a while, and love the cute flirty dresses that Kellie comes up with.  Elate was on my list of stores to spotlight so when I got an IM from Kellie asking if I would take a look at one of her dresses I was thrilled!

Danni is an adorable strapless dress with the cutest ruffled skirt. The colors are rich, and come in 4 colors:  Steel, fire, silver, and bronze.  The prim skirt fit like a charm, with no resizing needed, which is a plus.  You can't help but feel flirty and cute when wearing this dress.  Each dress is sold for $200 L.  This dress has quickly become one of my favorites.

If you haven't been to Elate, head over and check out Kellie's store.  I know you'll love her adorable designs as much as I do!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Releases Pink Outfitters

RL has taken a bit more of my time the last couple of weeks, so that's why my blog has been pretty quiet.  My review folder keeps getting bigger, so I've told myself that I will blog everything in my review folder this weekend.  There are so many great designs from brilliant designers, they don't need to stay hidden deep in the bottom of my huge inventory.  Although, I did get my inventory all sorted and found so many review items that had gotten lost.  If you've sent me something and haven't seen a post on it, you'll probably be seeing it in the new few days.  I do apologize for being so unorganized, but I think I have a better system in place now.

Now on to the newness!  Pink Outfitters has become one of my favorite stores.  I knew the second I tp'ed into the shop that I would love it!  London Dailey is an amazing designer, and as sweet as can be.  She sent me over a sample of some of her new releases and I'm going to share them with you today.  First off, the Loren Sheer Blouse.  This fun and flirty babydoll is complete with a sash belt.  I had no trouble at all fitting the baby doll prim and usually it's such a pain for me.  It was socompletely easy!  The blouse comes in 2 prints, shown here in Leopard, and 4 solids.  The solids are a little more sheer than the prints, and are sold for $100 L.

The pants are the Rocker Pant, shown here in black.  These come on the underwear or pant layer, and can be worn as pants or as tights.  Absolutely adorable!  They are available in 8 colors and are sold for $145 L.

This adorable dress is the Silk Fluff Organza dress. This dress was inspired by the 2007 Mui Mui collection, and comes in 8 colors. The dress sells for $195 L.

Pink Outfitters also has a new line of skins, FFX3.  London sent over a sample pack of all the skintones and a makeup in each tone.  There are 7 different skin tones, and each skin tone has a different face and different body features such as freckles or moles.  There are 6 makeup options per skin tone.  The individual skins are $850 L or the fat packs are $4000 L.  I absolutely love these skins!  I'm a sucker for a tanned look and she offers so many tan looks to choose from.  Even the Creamy Ivory stole my heart. Definitely grab some demos and try these out.  For the price, you will not be disappointed.  I'm horrible at photographing skins, so I just chose my favorite, Toasted Almond, Java Bean, and took a snap of it.

If you haven't been to Pink Outfitters, I strongly suggest you go check it out.  The new releases are all 100% hand painted.  And the quality is wonderful.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Contest time!

Love to take pictures? Love to play in photoshop and create something artistic and beautiful? Well, my friend Noel is having a contest. Here's the details taken directly from his blog:

Here's the contest - take a shot with one of my eyes, you can purchase on SLX here or at my store in world here. I want to see how sexy you can make my eyes look. This will be used for advertising and you'll be the poster girl or guy for my eyes for life! In addition I'm offering 1000L to the best shot. This contest runs until the end of the month. Winnners chosen on September 6th. So... want to be famous? Put up all over the world and in this blog? Get those shots in.

So, you have until the 6th. Go out there and take some cool pics and enter his contest!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reviews and Spotlights

People have been asking what my review policy is, and I figured that it deserved a post all of it's own.

I often do spotlights on my blog of stores that I run across that I love.  I usually end up buying several things, and as a way to "get the word out" I blog about the store.  I love finding new designers and new stores and sharing.  If you're a designer and you'd like me to visit your store, please drop me a notecard in world with a little information about your store and a landmark.  I'd be more than happy to visit, and possibly do a spotlight.

I'm often asked if I accept review copies.  I do and I am accepting review copies at this time.  I appreciate any review items that are given to me.  Most items are to be reviewed within 24 to 48 hours.  Because my blog is featured on the fashion planet feed, I am frequently checking, and sometimes find that designers will give the same designs to several bloggers all at once.  For this reason, I might hold your review so my review won't get "lost" among the other reviews.  It's my intention to help designers in advertising and showcasing their latest releases.  

The best way for me to do a review of your items is to send a notecard with a landmark and allowing me to visit your store.  I really do prefer to look at all items and get a "feel" for your style.  

I always enjoy meeting people in world, and would love to meet with any of you.  If you'd like to schedule a meeting in my office, or at your store, just drop me a notecard as IMs do tend to get capped.

Thanks, and I hope this answers any questions you might have!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

*Review* Adam n Eve Lily Skins

Sachi Vixen sent me over a sample pack of her latest skin release, Lily. I've always been a fan of Sachi's skins, with the shading and wonderful make up colors to choose from, and Lily doesn't disappoint. I chose Tone 2 for my pictures, since it's the closest to the tone I usually wear. Makeup Group 1 includes 4 makeups. Natural, Coffee, Nude, and the one I'm wearing Raspberry. I love the adorable lips. The body is nicely done, and looks very natural. The skins are sold individually for $1200 L, or in a fat pack of 4 colors for $3000 L. Go grab and demo!