Monday, November 10, 2008

*Fishy Strawberry* Latest Releases

*Fishy Strawberry* is a new store that I've fallen in love with. The designs are so bright and colorful, and the first time I walked into this bright store, I knew it would be love. The new releases are stunning, and a little something for everyone. The Bon Bon Tops come jam packed with options. The shirts are available in the jacket layer for that untucked look and on the underwear layers. This blouse would be perfect worn layered or even on it's own. It also comes with necklaces and a broach. The necklaces are available in either 1 or 2 strands, and match the colors perfectly. It gives the blouse that extra pop. All the available colors are shown here: cherry, gold, silver, sugar. And another fabulous release are the Venezia heels available in the same colors. They match perfectly and have the most adorable little bows! I've worn these heels all weekend, I love them! I'm also wearing the Worker jeans in cabledude and carpenter. These jeans have amazing detail and are very unique with the pockets both on the legs and the optional pockets on the back. I thought these might be difficult to size, but it was really quite easy. There are 2 pocket sizes for the back for the perfect fit. I'm also wearing the Star Mini which isn't a new release but an old favorite. This skirt shows LOTS of leg.

Head to *Fishy Strawberry* and check out these fabulous new releases!

{Also wearing: Skin by Dutch Touch, Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Dutch Touch, Ring by Genesis, and Poses by Striking Poses}

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Earthstones Latest Release

It's time for new gorgeousness from Earthstones!  I was thrilled when Abraxxa Anatine sent over the "Knotty Beads" set for me to check out.  As usual, they are gorgeous and available in so many colors.  If you're like me, you'll have a hard time choosing which is your favorite.  I've worn them in Opal and Amethyst.  Knotty Beads are available in a long knotted necklace, adorable bracelet, and earrings that follow the same knotted theme.  As with all of Earthtones jewelry, the necklace and bracelet have a script resizer (yay!) for easy editing.

Head over to Earthstones and check out this set in all 9 colors.  My pictures just don't do it justice!

{Also wearing: Skin by Dutch Touch, Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Dutch Touch, Pants by Zaara, Shirt by Laqroki, and Poses by [LAP]}

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Review: Gigi Couture

The thing I absolutely love about designers all across the grid lately is that they are offering so many options. So many are giving us different ways to wear things, and I love that! Who doesn't mind parting with their lindens if they get 3 outfits instead of one?

Gigi Couture has embraced this idea and ran with it. Two of Giana Paine's latest releases give you so many options, it's sure to keep you looking fabulous every day of the week. The first dress is the Pink Sequin Dress, and it comes with 2 different shirt choices, but also an option to wear the blouse as an adorable babydoll top. The textures are fabulous, and I absolutely love the metallic feel of the dress. The sequins in silver add the perfect touch. This dress is perfect for a night out dancing. Not to mention the short skirt shows off your gorgeous legs!
The next dress is the Sunshine Silk Rouged Dress. I love the bright colors in this dress combined with the black waist and neckline. This dress just pops and will definitely get you noticed. The wonderful thing about this dress is it comes with 3 very different looks. You can mix and match this dress to create so many different designs. I love the sexy deep cut neckline and the way the blouse sweeps off the shoulders. It's such a visually interesting dress, it's sure to get you lots of attention.

These dresses are 2 examples of the fabulousness that is Gigi Couture, if you haven't been out to visit the store, had over to the mainstore on the Juicy sim!

{Also wearing: Skin by Slink, Hair by Deviant Kitties, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Pants by DeLa, Shoes by ETD and Armidi, Bracelet by +plus, and Earrings by artilleri}

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pink Outfitters Latest Releases

Pink Outfitters has adorable newness!  One of the things I love about London Dailey's creations are they have a certain flair, and her latest releases are no exception.  

First is the Emme Knit Sweater.  This is an adorable striped sweater, with the cutest ribbed cowl neck.  This is a favorite neckline on sweaters for me, and this one adds a feminine touch.  Stripes are really hard to perfect in SL, and London does them perfectly.  You can tell she takes a lot of time and effort to make sure everything looks perfect.  This sweater is the perfect addition to any girl's wardrobe, it can be dressed up or dressed down.  Emme is available in 8 colors.

Next up is the Glam Graphic Tee.  An adorable 3/4 length sleeve in a stretch crepe fabric.  The Glam Graphic Tee is available in 9 colors.

One of my favorites of the new releases is the Dreamer Dress.  London has taken an adorable patterned dress and given it an extra punch by adding a playful punch of tulle.  This dress is perfect for a night out dancing.  This dress is available in 6 gorgeous color combos.

Last up is the Builder Jumpsuit.  Who doesn't love a good jumpsuit?  This adorable linen set has great lines and shows off your curves.  The fabric of the jumpsuit is a laundered linen and looks very comfy and natural.  The adorable white tank comes with the jumpsuit to complete this look.  The jumpsuit is available in 8 colors.

Head over to Pink Outfitters and check out the new goodies!

{Also wearing: Skin by [the oBscene], Hair by Deviant Kitties, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Jeans by Pink Outfitters,  Shoes by Periquita, Bracelet by Love Chic, and Earrings by*Untone*}

Monday, November 3, 2008

Biddle Boots Latest Release

It's fall, and one of the reasons I love cooler weather is my love for boots.  I have so many different pairs in so many different colors, but the latest release by Valentine Biddle is definitely one of my favorite pairs.  Biddle Boots latest release is the Pirate Boots in black.  The boots are also available in ankle boots, and they have so many different options the combos are endless.  The boots feature menu texture change straps, cuffs, soles, and hardwear.  Not only do they come in fabulous colors, but they also come in animal prints, camo, and fur.  I love this!  Valentine really gives you options, and honestly it's not like buying one pair of boots.

Biddle Boots is quickly making a name for itself on the grid, so head over, grab a demo and try these fabulous boots.

{Also wearing: Skin by [the oBscene], Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Dress by Armidi,  Bracelet by +plus, and Earrings by Yummy}

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Skin Flicks Latest Releases

Skin Flicks has quickly become one of my favorite stores on the grid because of the options that Mavis provides with each new release.  I love her new "Mix and Match" line, and when she sent over a folder of her new evening wear, I was blown away.  I'll admit that when it comes to evening wear, I'm partial to a certain "look".  What Mavis has done with this new release is give us options to take different skirt options and pair them with various blouses and jackets to create a different look.  I love this!  Mavis has provided 3 different styles which are sure to meet anyone's tastes.

First I paired the Brianna skirt with the Brianna top in Beige Floral.  I love the sexy cut of this top, one bare shoulder and the other sleeve puffy.  This skirt is perfect for a cocktail party where a short, flirty skirt is appropriate.  The perfect thing about this skirt is that it isn't too short, but the perfect length.  I absolutely love this floral pattern, and I love wearing beige in the fall.  It's such a rich, glamourous look.  Next up is Floral Jacket in Beige which I paired with the Grace skirt.  This skirt comes in a short and long version.  The skirt version hitting just at your knee.  I'm not a huge fan of "system" skirt looks but this skirt is very well done.  And this jacket, you have to see this jacket to believe it.  It's so well done!  Love it!  Last up is the Sarah Top with the Taylor skirt.  Of all the tops, Sarah is my favorite.  I love the cut of the neckline, this is definitely the sexier way to go of the three.

As you can see, Mavis McGettigan has done it again.  Another gorgeous Skin Flicks release!  If you haven't been by Skin Flicks, now would be a perfect time to go!

{Also wearing: Skin by [the oBscene], Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Shoes by DeLa, and Earrings by GeorgiaBean Lately}

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Review: [the oBscene]

A few weeks ago, Kuja Akina let me know she was going to be releasing some new skins.  I held my breath (ok, not really) waiting on the release.  I was thrilled when she dropped a few of the skins on me to review.  I really love the skins at the oBscene.  The makeup options are of course gorgeous, but I also love the richness of the tones the skins are offered in.  I'm a sucker for "sunkissed" tones, and Kuja's skins have a rich, dewy-like appearance that I've absolutely fallen in love with.  A makeup lover in my first life, I always am drawn to skins which have unusual, dramatic makeup.  I love the use of color.  Maybe this is why I'm a skin lover in Second Life.  The skins in this release have makeup choices that honestly are to die for.

I've chosen 3 skin tones to show you in the picture.  First up is Venus-Diamond in Marigold.  This is a perfect makeup option for this time of year, I've worn it around for a couple of days now.  The shading on the skins is natural, and it makes my boobs look perfect.  You have to love a skin that does that!  ;-)  The next skin is Siren-Amber-Sibelee.  Of all the makeup options, this might be my favorite.  I love the natural lip, but the bold color on the eye.  The next picture is a paler shade, but it still has the same gorgeous richness.  Ciel-Quartz-Kyri is a bright green eye with an adorable pale pink pout.  Can I emphasize again that I love these makeup choices??  Last is another shot in the Siren-Amber skintone.

Head over to [the OBscene] and pick up your demos!

{Also wearing: Hair by ETD, Lashes by Cake, and Lingerie by Blacklace}

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Review: Earthstones

Earthstones is a store that I've been a fan of for a while. When I was asked to review this adorable set, I was so excited! I had seen this set in the store several times, but I just couldn't decide on the colors (the colors are all gorgeous!). I'm showing the set in Silver/Abalone. Sylvan is a warm, rich set, and each piece is more perfect than the last. It comes in a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and hip belt. The thing I love the most about all of Earthstones jewelry is it has a resize script which allows for easy sizing. I can't say how much I love this function! I really appreciate when designers take into account that not everyone is a sizing genius. Maybe I'm the only one, but I always end up really messing it up when I try to resize something. Usually I have to beg Oscar to fix it for me. Luckily he's sweet enough that he'd rather just help me with it then listen to me whine. :-) Ok, back to the set. The detail on this set is astounding. I love finding a designer who pays attention to all the little details in their jewelry. You have to buy this and try it on to fully grasp how detailed and gorgeous it is. It's a must have for any fall wardrobe.

If you haven't been out to Earthstones I urge you to go check it out, you're sure to fall in love just as I have!

{I'm also wearing: Skin by Redgrave, Hair by Truth, Shirt by Laqroki, and skirt by *Camie Cooper*, IM me in world, or leave a comment for more specifics}

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lion Skins Latest Release Suzana

Lion Jonesford dropped on me a preview of Lion Skins latest skin release. The makeup options in this new release are just as fabulous as we've come to expect from Lion Skins. These are definitely not your everyday makeups. I love the use of colors around the eyes, and how unexpected they are. If you're in need of makeups that scream "drama" then Lion Skins will have something for you. The latest releases are in the Suzana line, I'm wearing them in pale tone. I love the soft look of the makeup. The lips are soft and feminine, not to take away from the bold eye. I'm drawn to more of a dramatic look rather then natural, so these new makeup choices were just about perfect for me.

If you've never been to Lion Skins, make a trip out to grab some demos. Lion Jonesford has so many makeup options in several different tones. The first time I went by to check them out, I was a bit overwhelmed. It's taken me a couple trips just to take everything in.

Lion Skins are definitely on the "must watch" list!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SySy's Latest Release

SySy Chapman has done it again! She has released another gorgeous gown. The Dutch Sparkle Gown is one of SySy's latest releases, and I must say it's beautiful. The textures and fit are fantastic, and this gown is so sparkley. It gives the appearance of light sparkling off the fabric.
Just like usual, the gown is available in so many rich, bold colors. I've shown the dress in pink (which is my absolute favorite, not to mention it looks fabulous with Lion Skin's latest skin release, which is coming up in the next post), aqua, and gold. The dress is also available in blue and red. This dress really makes a statement. Wearing this dress you'll stand out and will get lots of attention.

Head to SySy's to check out her latest releases!

Monday, October 20, 2008

[ Riddle ] New Releases

[ Riddle ] has released a few new goodies, just in time for fall. They have released their Everyday Denim line. I love a good pair of jeans, and when you receive shorts, capris and jeans in the same pack, it's even better. I haven't stopped wearing these jeans all weekend, the texturing is perfect, and I adore the pockets. The denim is available in Dark Blue, Paint Splatters, Dirty Oil Stains, and a Bloody version. The jeans with the extra little "splatters" are all very realistic looking. These are great jeans for your fall/winter wardrobe. Especially if you are a sucker for dark denim like I am.

Next up is the Smexy Shoulders Sweaters which really are sexy. They show off your shoulders perfectly, but the ribbed texture is done very well. They come in 4 different colors, are available on every layer, for mixing and matching, and work as tucked in or worn out. These sweaters are perfect for this time of year, when it's cool enough for a sweater, but warm enough for your shoulders to be exposed. The sweaters are available in Cloudy Day, Bubblegum, Girlie Grape, and Smog. And honestly, I don't think I could choose my favorite.

If you haven't been out to [ Riddle ], this is a perfect time to go, you'll love what they have to offer, and I look forward to more new releases!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chic Boutique Diva Skin Release

Chic Boutique has released their new Diva skin line.   "Stella" is the first of 5 installments.  Stella is a soft, warm ivory tone and is available in 14 makeup variations.  The eyes in this skin line really take the makeup to the next level.  The lips vary from bold to neutral.  I'm wearing 4 makeup variations in the picture:  catwalk, kohl, meow, and paradox.

Stella is sold for $849 L each, or the fat pack of all 14 colors for $7000 L.

Head over to Chic Boutique and grab a demo.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jaywalk New Releases

Jaywalk's, Lyra Muse creates some of the most adorable casual laid back clothes.  Anytime she has a new release, I know that the quality will be superb and they will add to my ever growing inventory.  I love the 2 new sweaters she has just released.   Both are cropped sweaters which is really in right now.

Kara, which is probably my favorite, is an adorable cropped cardigan which comes with or without the t-shirt.  This sweater is available in 8 colors, and are available on the shirt and jacket layers.  I love the options that Lyra has given us with this sweater set.  It can be paired over any tee or tank you have in your wardrobe.  I could see this little cardigan over a cute little dress as well.   Love it!  I'm showing the sweater in pink and teal.

The next sweater is Tabatha.  Tabatha has that "sporty" feel, and it would be perfect to throw on when you just feel like lounging around the house, or a quick trip shopping.  The details on this sweater are amazing.  It's available in 8 colors as well, and I'm wearing it in lilac. 

As usual Lyra has also put a color of Tabatha in the lucky chair, so you lucky chair stalkers can hang out and win yourself one.  Who doesn't love special free gifts?  Lyra is so generous with her lucky chair gifts.

Visit Jaywalk today and pick up one or both of these cute sweaters!
(Ok, I can't do slurls, I don't know if it's just me, or what, but as soon as i figure it out, I'll put it in.  Otherwise, just do a search and you'll find Jaywalk!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Skin Flicks Latest Releases

Mavis McGettigan sent over her October releases and just like with every new Skin Flicks release, I ahh'ed over each new item that I tried on. The October release was full of pieces from her seperates line, and each piece is absolutely perfect, and definitely pieces everyone needs for their wardrobe.

The Christy Mini Skirt, is an adorable short blue jean skirt, with a high waist that I absolutely love. High-waists are so "in" right now, and I love the look of a short little mini with a high waist. It's in a perfect jean material that can be worn with so many different types of shirts. I can see it paired with a boot, worn with sneakers for a casual feel, or for paired with a clog as I have here. A perfect staple for any wardrobe.

I paired the Christy Skirt with the adorable Larissa Blouse in this gorgeous green color. The shirt features a sexy cut out that shows just a hint of skin, and a adorable high neck. The ruffles and detailing on this blouse is great, just as Mavis' detailing is always great.

Next up is the Christy Sweater, perfect for our winter wardrobes. I love the sleeves on this sweater. It looks so warm and cozy, makes you just want to wrap it around you and curl up. Again, perfect texturing and details, you can wear this sweater with just about anything, and honestly, I think will get a lot of wear out of it this fall/winter.

Another one of my favorites in the collection is the Georgette shirt. Again, in this gorgeous green, that makes me feel like it's fall. One of the things I love the most about autumn is the rich colors. I've always been drawn to earthtones, so fall is definitely my favorite time of year, and this green is right up my alley. I love the plunging neckline, the adorable print, and the details.

Last but not least, is the Sasha Blouse in blue. This blouse can be worn so many different ways. It's available on the shirt and jacket layer, so you can wear it tucked in or out, depending on your mood. The blouse shows off your shoulders, so it's perfect to wear out when you want that sexier look. I absolutely love the richness of this color.

Mavis has done it again! Her latest releases prove why she's becoming one of my favorite designers in SL. Visit Skin Flicks to check out her new collection.


One night I randomly received a gift from a store I had never heard of. I didn't know if I had somehow stumbled into the store and clicked the subscrib-o-matic, which I tend to do often, or what, but I was excited to open the gift and find the cutest earrings. I put the store down on my list of places to visit when I had a free minute. When I actually made it to the store, I fell in love. JE*REPUBLIC is an amazing store, with some amazing finds. Jungeun Vella sent over one of her latest releases for my review, and when I tried it on, I fell in love! I've been in a "jacket mood" lately since the weather in changing, and I'm so excited about autumn. This jacket is appropriately called Automne, and is a beautiful rich brown color. The detailing on this jacket is amazing. It has 2 options for the neck "open and closed" which both work really well, and aren't a pain to size at all. I've shown both versions in my picture. There isn't a huge difference, but it gives you 2 different looks. The jacket also comes with prim cuffs for the sleeves which are extremely well made. It also features a sculptie bottom for the jacket, which normally I don't like because it never looks right on my av, but this one is perfect. This is definitely a jacket that I'll be wearing over and over again.

Make sure you visit JE*REPUBLIC, you're sure to fall in love as much as I did.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ivalde Latest Releases

I don't find myself wearing system skirts very often, but when they are done well, they can look amazing. Neferia Abel is one of those designers who really knows how to do them. 2 of her latest releases feature fabulous system skirts, and they will definitely be worn often by me.

Everyone knows that Ivalde is known for their timeless, classic pieces. And when Neferia sent over her 3 latest releases for my review, I knew that these would quickly become staples in my wardrobe.

First is Ebha in Black and White. I love the shirt with the beautifuly flowing prim sleeves as well as they little ruffles on the front. They blouse shows just a hint of skin, which adds a bit of sexy to this outfit. The pattern on the skirt is perfect. It gives this classic piece a bit of a punch. The thing I love most about this outfit is the belt. I find it so hard to size prim belts and usually end up not wearing them because they never look quite right. This belt is on the jacket layer, with the knot and ties done as a prim attachment. It looks so natural and fits perfectly. I absolutely love it!

Next up is the Aghna dress in dark grey. I wore this dress around the grid on Saturday because I just felt so put together. This dress also features a fabulous system skirt, and the sleeves on this dress are gorgeous.

Last up si the Leona Jacket. I absolutely love animal print, and since fall is here, I'm really into jackets right now. The pattern on this is lovely and this jacket can be worn long (as pictured) or can be worn short as well. I threw this on with a pair of jeans and boots and I was ready to go.

If you haven't been to Ivalde*, head over for a visit. Neferia has so many releases for fall, you're sure to find something to make you feel beautiful.

*slurl coming soon (when I can get the thing to let me make one!!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

*AnnaH* Latest Release

Newness at *AnnaH*!  I absolutely am a huge fan of Annah Whitfield's designs.  She knows how to take classic designs and add her own twist to them.  So anytime there is a new release at AnnaH I always pay attention.

Her latest release, Camila, caught my attention.  Camila is a short, strapless party dress, with the cutest little ruffles.  Once you turn around, you see the cute bows that adorn each ruffle.  This dress is just adorable.  It's short and shows off your legs, but the sculptie skirt flows so well.  One of the best in SL, in my opinion.  It was easy to edit, which is always a plus.  It is available in black, a gorgeous vibrant red, and a shocking blue.  I adore this in blue!  It's one of those dresses that just make you happy when you wear it!

Head over to AnnaH today and pick up this dress in one or all colors.  It's perfect for your next party!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Review: Liberte Fashion

If you haven't been to Liberte Fashion you are definitely missing out!  This shop is full of so many goodies, you won't know where to start.  The designer, Luriel Jewell, sent over one of her latest releases for my review, and I absolutely LOVE this outfit.  The Brandi in purple is a casual outfit with jeans and an adorable off the shoulder blouse in purple.  I haven't seen anything else like this in SL.  Luriel's attention to detail is amazing.  Even the jeans have an adorable little charm hanging from the belt!  It's those little touches that prove she's a very talented designer.  I love the richness of the purple, perfect for this time of year!  The blouse shows just enough skin to be sexy, but not enough to be too revealing.  This outfit would be perfect to go out dancing.  I paired the outfit with simple silver hoops and some fun bangles, and chose an open toed boot to give it a bit of an edge.  The outfit comes in every available layer, and designers, I love when you offer jeans on the underwear layer.  So much easier to pair with other layers.  I haven't taken this outfit off in days, and that is proof that I really love it!

If you haven't been to Liberte Fashion, go take a look this weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Spotlight: *BOOM*

If you're looking for something a little on the sexy side, then *BOOM* is the store for you!

First off is appropriately called Office Tart in the color Pitch. I love the black and white striped button up shirt, which has a very low cut. Now, this wouldn't be appropriate in my office, but it might be fun to dress up! It also comes with a super mini skirt with slits up both sides. Definitely a skirt to show off your legs. I must admit, I really like it.

Next is the Leather Crop Halter in Black. I love the fringe detail on the front and the 2 cute bows in the black. The texturing is nice, and it comes with an adorable little feather arm band. I sort of felt all rocker-ish and really sexy.

If you've never visited *BOOM*, head over to the Cassiopeia Isle and check it out. You're sure to find something sexy for your friday night out!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spotlight: *sheer* and ~flirt~ Jewelry

If you're anything like me, sometimes you just need a pair of stockings to complete your "look". I love patterned stockings, and I was thrilled to find a store who gave me just about every sort of pattern I could ever want. *sheer* has the most amazing stockings you will find in SL. I was thrilled to see that there is also a small collection of clothes. She takes the "little black dress" to a whole new level.

*sheer*'s many patterned stockings are offered as thigh high stockings or tights. The same amazing patterns, just different styles. The stockings also come in the "torn" look, which is definitely for the hardcore. I've shown a few of the stockings styles in different patterns. My personal favorite is the "dots". It adds that little bit of "fun" to a simple black dress.

The dresses I've chosen to show you are so unique. The first dress is the Shift Dress in black. This adorable dress has to be my favorite in the collection. It comes with tops and bottoms in every available layer, which is wonderful. The top is very sheer on it's own, which would be perfect under a jacket, but I paired them together for a more sophisticated look. The Shift Dress comes with 2 options on the top. I absolutely adore the off the shoulder look in the first picture. It's so sexy! But it also comes with a traditional top for the classic look. I love the options that come in with each of these dresses. You're honestly getting 2 dresses for the price of 1. The Shift Dress is sold for $250 L.

The next dress is the Shiver Dress in black. This dress is a sweet little dress with a slightly flared skirt. Again, so many pieces on every available layer. The sheer top is optional, and also comes is a "torn" version. You can wear the dress with or without the sheer layer and it's just as cute. It could also be worn under a jacket. The Shiver Dress is also $250 L.

The last dress is the Shy Dress in silver. The texturing on this dress is really good. The silver has a sheen to it that I love. It also comes with 2 versions of the top, one with a slightly more sheer midsection. It also has the same slightly flared skirt. It's sold for $250 L.

I've shown the many versions of stockings that they carry, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. You have to take a trip to *sheer* to take a look at all of the selection. There is something for every mood there, and the perfect accent to any outfit.

Visit *sheer* on the Uruti Point sim.

The jewelry I'm wearing is a from ~flirt~ jewelry, Hearts & Diamonds.  This set has a resizer script, which I love!  It makes things so easy to fit, and if you're horrible at editing like me, it saves from lots of headaches.  It's also completely texture change, and there are so many different textures and metals to choose from.  If you haven't been by to visit ~flirt~, I definitely recommend a visit, Skinkie Winkler's designs are gorgeous!  Visit ~flirt~ at their mainstore on the Juicy sim.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Mix and Match" with Emma McKenzie

I've asked Emma to submit a few of her outfits to be posted on the blog. If you have a chance to see Emma bopping around SL, you've seen her "outfit of the day" for whatever day it might happen to be. Emma has a way of putting outfits together that is awesome. She can take one item and base a whole "look" around it. But, what I love the most is that she's so versatile. Here's the first of many of her "Mix and Matches".

My Inner Bully by Emma McKenzie

Whisper Despres recently opened her new store, Famish, and she sent me over a few things to try on. One of my favorites is the Big Bad Bully Belt, which was my starting point for this outfit.

The belt comes with the essentials for all your bullying and prankster needs. There are cigarettes, a slingshot with rocks, m90's, a box of matches, Elmer's glue, Big League Chew, a few stink bombs, a bottle of itching powder, and a permanent marker.

After putting on ::69::'s, Rush hair, my next mission was to find some jeans and I finally decided on GearShift's SubZero Cargo Jeans and paired it with LurveBite's Dirty Guy Beater Tank. Hidden in the depths of my inventory I found these fighter gloves by MadHouse88, they make me look more tough, no? I threw on my well worn Urban Bomb Unit PornStars Xtra Hi-Tops to complete my look.

Rest of the look:

Skin: Dutch Touch Lana B (no longer available)

Lip Ring: No Mercy - Panda

Cigarette: Persona

Jaywalk New Release

Lyra Muse, the wonderful designer behind Jaywalk sent over a couple of her new releases to try.  Lyra has been designing shoes, and as I told her, I own every pair of boots she has created.  She has just started branching out into making clothes, and I have to say, I'm impressed.  Her clothes are comfortable, yet have a very distinct style.  I think she's doing a very good job and look forward to seeing what else she has up her sleeves.

These capris are called Beatrix and come in so many colors.  I love the casual feel, and I chose the red because it's bright enough to make a statement.  The details on the prim cuffs are absolutely adorable.  Even the back has cute little details in the waistband.  You've got to check them out for yourselves.  Beatrix is available in black, blue, brown, green, grey, magenta, purple, and red (pictured).

Lyra has also just released some adorable cupcake hats (coming up in a future post) and has some special Halloween ones exclusively for her lucky chair.  I was visiting her store today and the lucky chair stalkers were talking about how they were dying to get their hands on them!

Thank you Lyra for sharing your new releases with me!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Second Wave Apparel Cinderella

Edited:  Thank you wonderful ladies for pointing out my error.  This will teach me to type a post in the wee hours of the morning when I should be sleeping.  And I apologize Sioxie for the mixup!! :X

Sioxie Legend, of Second Wave Apparel, has created one of the most gorgeous dresses I've seen in a while.  This dress came just in time for Halloween.  When I was a little girl, I would always want to dress up as something girlie and cute.  This Cinderella gown would have been something I would have died for.  The amount of detail that has gone into this gown is amazing, and I feel so regal and beautiful.  I'll copy and paste what the lovely Indigo says in the attached notecard she sent my way:

Once upon a time there was a designer - who, as a little girl loved a fairy tale book called "A Treasury of The World's Greatest Fairy Tales". And every night when she was a little girl her mother read to her from that book. One of the stories was Cinderella and the gowns and illustrations were so fabulous and magnificent that the little girl dreamed of wearing those gowns. She would dream it every night, until as a designer in Second Life she was able to make that dream come true..

Cinderella is available in 12 different colors. The dress comes with a top on 3 layers, glitch pants on 1 layer, a system skirt and prim skirt as well as a prim collar with lace texture. Only $L450 for a magnificent gown. Satin texture with gold trim and diamond accents - you are sure to feel just like a princess in this one.

Head to Second Wave Apparel and check out this amazing dress.  Thank you, Sioxie for sending it my way!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Moonshine Latest Releases

Shelly Toonie, the designer for Moonshine, sent over a couple of her new releases.  She has released 2 adorable cardigans in a variety of colors.

The first cardigan is an adorable solid with black lace trim at the bottom.  I love the way these cardigans fit.  They cup with prim sleeves and a prim bottom, which is super easy to fit.  It looks adorable worn over a pair of pants with a simple shirt underneath.  This cardigan comes in, black, crimson (pictured), pumpkin, emerald (pictured), saddle, and teal.

The second is the Crochet Cardigans which were released yesterday.  These have the same prim bottom, and prim sleeves in a different style.  I love this cardigan just as much as the other.  They come in soft colors combinations, and have a very soft, sweet look.  The texturing on both of these cardigans is wonderful.  This cardigan comes in blue, eggplant (pictured), mocha, and sage.

Both of these cardigans are definitely a staple in every wardrobe.  Moonshine is such a fun store, if you haven't been by to check it out, head over to the Silver Lake sim and check it out today.

SPIRIT Fall Skin Release

SPIRIT has just released their new fall skin line, SPIRIT Skins 2.0, Juliet and Giselle.  While all SPIRIT Skins 2.0 share the same new body with photosourced skin base and details plus hand painted shading and highlights, each face has its own unique characteristics.  
I'm wearing Giselle in the light medium skin tone.  Giselle gives a more natural girl-next-door look with naturally shaped eyebrows, a slightly broader nose shape, and a hint of a smile at the corners of her lips. 

All SPIRIT Skins 2.0 are available in six skin tones (Lightest, Light, Light Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, and Darkest), come with an eyebrow shape and 5 color changeable pubic hair options on underwear layers, include freckled versions with every makeup, and are currently available in the following 18 fall makeups for $1000 each...

**Cat Shaped Eyeliner: Cranberry Nude, Plum Pink, Teal Rose, Twilight Crimson, Ivy Magenta, Autumn Wine
**Medium Eyeliner: Cranberry Nude, Plum Pink, Teal Rose, Twilight Crimson, Ivy Magenta, Autumn Wine
**Smoky Eyes: Smoky Nude, Smoky Pink, Smoky Rose, Smoky Crimson, Smoky Magenta, Smoky Wine

One free fall makeup is now available in every skin tone for both faces from the large posters in the SPIRIT Skins building (12 free skins total). 

Visit SPIRIT on the Plush Tau skin to pick up demos and try these 2 new skins out!  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spotlight: 7th Street

Px Smit is the creator for 7th Street, and he sent me over a sample of some of his winter line.  Most of these pieces can be sold as separates or together as a set.

His winter set consists of a mix of jeans, sweaters, and button up shirts.  Everything has a very casual feel, and colors that are very in for fall.

7th Street also has a line of men's clothing as well.

Head over to 7th Street, on The Street and check it out!!

Ingmann Design Group Insulin Pump

My friend Noelyci Ingmann has created a tool to help educate others about diabetes. Here's a tidbit from the notecard:

The idea behind this Insulin Pump is to educate you and those around you to a small portion of what it means to be diabetic. The pump is a visible symbol of being diabetic and may prompt questions. This is a teaching opportunity. On top of this the pump will remind you every 90 minutes to test your blood sugars. If you want to reset the timer and do it earlier then the alarm you can by touching it, thereby resetting the timer to another 90 minutes. Many diabetics pick times that are advantageous so that they don't have to do it with friends, but you will have to remember to do this or the avatars around you will see you testing.

I hope this gives you a taste of what it means to be a Type 1 Diabetic. To learn more, or to support the search for a cure please visit:

The insulin pump can be purchased at Ingmann Design Group, or check out his blog for more information.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spotlight: Biddle Boots

A store new to the grid is Biddle Boots.  Valentine Biddle has a small, but growing inventory of adorable boots.

I wandered into her store last night, and she so graciously sent over some samples of her boots for me to try.  I have to say for a new store, her work is exceptional, and I absolutely love the bright, vivid colors she uses.

The first picture shows the Sculptie Boots in Electric Blue.  I was afraid this blue would be too bright for my taste, but it's perfect.  These boots have a resizer script, which I love, so the fit was simple.  There is also a retexture script so you can change the colors of the heel, sole, and chain.  I absolutely love when designers give this extra feature, the options are limitless.  You're getting far more than 1 pair of boots.  These boots are sold for $800 L and are available in black, red, electric pink, electric violet, and electric blue (pictured).

The next picture shows the Sculptie Ankle Boots.  This is the ankle version of the Sculptie Boots and come in the same colors.  It also has the resizer and retexture script included.  They are sold for $600 L each and are pictured here in electric pink.

Last are the Ankle Cuties.  These ankle boots feature an adorable little bow on the ankle.  These are so sweet!  They look perfect with skirts (I've worn mine all day!!).  Perfect touch for the season.  They are available in black, chocolate, smokey, red, and olive (pictured).  They are sold for $400 L.

If you're in search of some good quality boots this season, head over to Biddle Boots and check them out!

My new favorite things...

We all have those favorite things.  When you try on those demos and you just know...  It's not often that when I try on a demo of a skin or hair that I say without having to even think about it, "I need the fatpack."  Usually I spend days thinking and debating.  But, there was no thought when it came to this hair and this skin.  When I say they are my favorites, it means I haven't stopped wearing them since purchasing them.  And, if you know me, you know I usually change often.  

We'll start with the skin.  People had been talking about the newest skin release from Kara Engle, but it wasn't until a few days ago that I went to grab my demo.  The store was empty, so I tried the demo on right there and the second it rezzed, I fell in love.  The face is perfect, it has that glowy look that I love, and there isn't a makeup in the fatpack that I don't love.  If you haven't tried on demos, I suggest you do.  Some of the best skins in SL, in my opinion.  Mia is at Appearance Mode, which I just love visiting.  I usually end up spending lots of money.

Next is the hair.   This hair is by Maitreya, and I do love their new textures.  I'm very picky about blonde textures, and usually stuck with my 1 or 2 favorite blondes, but Maitreya's gold blonde may have quickly moved to the top of the list.  The style is Emma, and I love the way it sweeps across the face.  I want this hairstyle in RL.   Do you think I could take a picture of my avi to the hairstylist?

I've had these pants forever, and I *heart* the Isabeax Leather Pants in red by LF Fashions.  Launa Fauna has made some of my favorite jeans in SL, and these pants are absolutely perfect.  The shading and texture are some of the best.

My top is the Boatneck tee in black by Laqroki.  I bought this tee in black because that's usually my "safe" color, but once I tried it on, I knew I would have to have it in every color.  It's perfect to wear with jeans and dress down, or can be dressed up.  It's on every layer, so you can mix and match.  So many options make it a great tee.

My jewelry starts with the Studded Horseshoe Pendant by [VG Republic], which makes some of my favorite jewelry in SL.  I love that all the jewelry is metal change, so I can wear it with every outfit.  I'm also a huge fan of long necklaces, and this little studded horseshoe is adorable.  I wear it with everything!  The price is also really amazing.

My bangles are the Healing Zebra bangles in Onyx and the Healing Giraffe bangle in Ruby, both by Armidi.  Armidi's is of course known for it's gorgeous products and their jewelry line is no exception.  These bangles add just the perfect touch, bringing the red and black together, and are perfect layered to add a extra touch.

Wrapping it all up is another goodie I received yesterday.  Polly Pavlova of The Body Politik, sent over a little preview of her new Tahitian Pearl Ring that she made exclusively for the Jewelry Expo.  I love this ring.  It's just simple enough to wear with almost everything.  You can change the metals, pearl, and gem colors by menu, which is super easy.  This ring was exactly what I was needing to complete the look, so it couldn't have come at a better time.  I can't wait to see what else will be featured at the expo!

Just a sample of some of my favorite things at the moment.  It changes frequently, but I want to thank these designers for making me so pretty!!

The rest of the look:  Lashes - Cake, Shoes - Armidi, Poses - *TorridWear*

Friday, October 3, 2008

Review: Ki-Squared

Kiki Cunningham of Ki-Squared sent over a few things for me to review. I was absolutely thrilled to receive them. Ki-Squared is in the adorable Lloyd sim, if you haven't been out there (which I'm sure you have, unless you've been living under a SL rock). There's so many cool things to see and discover, if you're like me, you'll spend just as much time exploring as shopping!

Her latest release are the Basic Heels. These simple sculpted pumps are available in 10 colors for $200 L each, or for $1500 L you can get the texture-change version (which includes all colors). What an amazingly cool idea. That way you don't have a different pair of pumps in each color cluttering up your inventory. The other added bonus is that they shoes are copy/mod so you can tint them to match ALL your outfits! Talk about a pair of heels you can wear with anything! I've shown the heels in every color offered, except black, brown and tan.

Another really cool thing she sent over was the Dark Queen Costume. The costume comes with dress, adorable crown, skin, and other assorted little goodies. If you're looking for an awesome costume for that halloween party you're attending, this is definately an outfit to consider. The skin is perfect, and I just love the little crown.

Kiki also has a new dollarbie in her store (she updates once a week), and this weeks dollarbie is a skin. So don't forget to head over to check that out.

If you have time this weekend, head over to Lloyd and check out Ki-Squared!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Review: OoPS FaSHioN

A store new to the fashion world of SL is OoPS FaSHioN. They have a small, but growing collection of adorable things.

Violette is their latest release. I love the vivid purple color of this dress. This dress paired perfectly with a pair of heels, and the hem length is perfect to show off your legs. It comes with a purple feather for the bodice, as well as another one for the hair. The layered skirt look is really popular right now, and OoPS FaSHioN offers a wonderful take on that. I put it on and felt flirty and cute. Definitely a dress you need to add to your wardrobe!

La nuit noire is a sexy outfit with short velvet shorts and a shirt that leaves little to the imagination. This set comes with adorable butterfly tattoos to add that extra little bit of edge. I'm not a huge tattoo wearer in world, but these are just girlie enough to be cute. I will definitely wear this with other outfits. Also included in the set are the tights that also have the same butterfly tattoo effect, so you can go with our without tights and still have the same overall look.

Cabaret may possibly be my favorite of the bunch. I absolutely love this dress! The strapless top is sophisticated and classy, and the uneven skirt adds a hint of whimsy. This dress is sure to get you noticed, not to mention the texture is gorgeous.

OoPS FaSHioN is located on House Music Island, if you haven't been by to check them out, pay them a visit.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SySy's by Sy Designs Latest Releases

SySy Chapman has been one of my favorite designers in SL for a while. When she sent over her new releases for my review, I couldn't change into them fast enough! The 3 new dresses she's released are perfect for autumn.

First is the Fay Dress, shown here in bronze. I love the detail on this dress, the prim sleeves which give it a bit of puff, and the ankle length skirt. The skirt hugs your curves just perfectly. And, as with all of Sysy's designs, the texturing is perfect.

Next is the Pull Coll Dress which is available in 2 versions. Version 2 is first, which has the same turtleneck, but the prim sleeves, which complete the dress perfectly. It's shown here in augerbine. The other version of the dress is sleeveless, for those warm fall days. I love this dress in white. Little shift dresses are my favorites, and this one is no exception. The prim turtleneck is perfect, and both versions are adorable. The skirt moves well and is very easy to edit. Definitely 2 dresses that every girl needs in her wardrobe.

If you haven't been to Sysy's, head over to check out the store. A little birdie told me that she's having a sale and has some ridiculous prices. Right now would be a perfect time to head right on over.

Thank you, Sysy for sharing your latest designs with me!

Review: *blackberries* @ Fashion Fruit

The lovely Maryna Wind sent over some gorgeous cocktail dresses for my review.  I stumbled across her store, *blackberries* @ Fashion Fruit the other day.  She very sweetly sent some things over for me to take a look at, and once I tried them on, I just felt pretty!

Maryna has a growing inventory of beautiful cocktail dresses and evening gowns.  If you're looking for a dress to wear out for that special night, *blackberries* surely has something you'll fall in love with.

The first dress is the Mika cocktail dress.  I love the skirt of this dress.  The shorter in front, longer in black adds a touch of whimsy.  The textures are nicely done, and it is available in a wide array of colors.  The colors available are:  lilac, fucsia, bronze, black, emerald, and blue (pictured).  This dress is sold for $375 L.  Notice the adorable flower on the neck.  So cute!

The next dress is the Milana cocktail dress.  Milana has a full flouncy skirt, which I just love.  It made me want to twirl and twirl.  The bodice has nice detail, and the little flowers on the high waist band add the perfect touch to complete the dress.  Milana is available in the colors:  spring, rose, pecan, milk, aqua, and rasp (pictured).  This dress is $375 L.

*blackberries* @ Fashion Fruit is definitely a store to watch!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

*Alchemy* Latest Releases

Alchemy is one of those stores that when you walk in, you're greeted with an array of bright, vivid colors that make you smile.  Constanza Volare's latest new releases are no exception.  There are a mixture of gorgeous, well detailed gowns and adorable sweater dresses.

Aire is a bold print sweater dress with adorable ruffled sleeve.  The bare shoulder adds a hint of sexiness, and the bright pink leggings add that pop of color that certainly makes a bold statement.  Aire is available in red, sky, purple, pink, black, and white (pictured).  Each dress has the same wild design, and come with matching leggings.  Aire is $180 L, or you can buy the fat pack of all 6 colors for $900 L.

Next up is Happy.  Another adorable sweater dress with leggings.  Happy has a cute polka-dot print, with 2 different color leggings, and 2 different types of skirts.  The texturing of this dress is superb.  The shading and buttons add an extra splash of detail that makes this sweater dress very realistic.  Happy comes in 6 colors:  teal, lime, yellow, red, pink, and sky (pictured).  Happy is sold individually by color for $180 L or a fat pack of all 6 colors for $900 L.  This dress is perfectly named, it really does make you happy!

The last dress pictured is Nostalgia in teal.  Nostalgia is a dress that makes me nostalgic for the 50s.  The neckline is gorgeous, and adds a hint of sexiness.  The prim skirt is nicely done, very little editing to make it sit well.  It also flows very well when you walk.  Nostalgia comes in 7 colors:  silver, gold, red, pink, purple, sky, and teal (pictured).  It is sold for $200 L per color or a fat pack of all 7 colors for $900 L.

Alchemy is packed full of so many gorgeous finds, you're sure to fall in love.  Visit the mainstore located at Emilia.

Review: Persona

Myllie Writer, the very talented designer of Persona sent over some goodies for me to review last night.  I've always been a fan of hers, and fall in love with every new release.

The first outfit pairs the Dita Knit Blouse in blue, with the Barb Plaid Pants in charcoal.  I love this sweater.  The neckline is fresh and modern.  The textures and colors are rich.  It comes available on every layer, so you can wear it tucked in like in the first shot, or untucked in the second shot.  The detailing on both layers are exceptional, and the bottom of the sweater is nicely finished.  The second shot shows the blouse in green and the pants in coffee.  Other available colors in the sweater are:  black, brown, purple, red and white, and a fat pack of all 7 colors is available.  The pants come in 8 colors with a fat pack available as well.  Other colors available are:  brown, burgundy, dark turquoise, green, indigo, and purple.  These separates are perfect for welcoming fall, and can be mixed and matched with so many different items.

The next is the Iris Knitted Top, and is available in 9 colors.  Each color has the same amazing detailing that makes Persona the wonderful brand that it is.  Shown here in red, the other available colors are:  black, blue, brown, green, grey, purple, white, and yellow.

The last outfit may possibly be one of my favorites in the bunch.  Mollie is an adorable black mini skirt, with grey tights, purple tank-top, and flower lace top.  I love the detail on the sheer top, and the richness of the color.  The skirt moves well, and needed very little editing to fit perfectly.  I usually have to edit all skirts to get the perfect look, but this one took very little.

The poses used in this picture are from Persona's Shooting Poses Packs 14 & 15.

If you haven't been out to see Myllie's new sim, head over and see it.  Check out her new releases while you're there!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kunglers Releases

Over the past few weeks the Kungler sisters have shared with me some of their fabulous designs, and honestly each week they just get better and better. I started with the two new releases this week.

The first outfit is the Antartida outfit, the latest addition to their fabulous Couture line. Included in this outfit is the gorgeous blouse which comes in 2 different versions. The version I chose was the one that was a bit less sheer for a more glamorous look, but the sheerer version is tastefully done as well. The knee length black skirt is perfect, it almost has a velvet look, which is perfect for the upcoming holidays. The belt comes on the jacket layer, and the awesome feather prim sleeves and neck. This look is the perfect holiday look, and will be perfect for all those parties you'll be attending.

The next outfit is Grecca. The Kungler sisters must have been in a party mood this week, because this dress looks like something you'd wear to a party. I love the length of the skirt, it looks great with a pair of heels to show off your legs, but it's not too short. The gold corset is perfect and the textures look like they are picking up the reflection from the light. I was wowed when I tried this on. The corset looks good without the bolero as well. It doesn't show too much skin, but just enough.

Bella is next. And I think of all the outfits that AvaGardner and Barbra have sent me, this is the one that I love the most. Of course, I say that with every new release. The wrap shirt fits perfectly, and comes in a sheer version and regular. I'm wearing sheer here, and as you can see, the sheer version isn't so sheer that you'd have to wear something under it. It's actually perfect. It reminds me of the beach, and even though it's getting colder here in real life, in SL I can wear summer wear all year long!

Ellen is an rich orange color, which is perfect for this time of year. I love orange, but don't wear it too often. In this outfit, it's absolutely perfect. The deep v of the neckline is tasteful but sexy. One of the outfits that makes Kunglers the brand that it is.

Last but not least is the Metropolli. I love the black and white print of this dress. I love the way the Kungler sister's embrace prints. Their designs are beautifully thought out and designed, and always leave me wishing I had their designs in my 1st life. The fabulous thing about these outfits are most all of them come with jewelry or manicures, which means you get so much more for your money.

AvaGardner and Barbra are doing a fantastic job. If you haven't been out to visit them, take the time. You won't be disappointed!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

RIDDLE Latest Release - Skully Argyle

RIDDLE is a store that I stumbled across after a friend gave me the landmark. I love how their designs are edgy, but not so much that I look like I'm "trying" to be edgy. That might not make sense, but if you know me, you know that I'm not really hardcore. So, when I can find designs that have that edge, but still are cute and flirty, then you've won me over.

I made a trip into RIDDLE today just to see if there was anything new, and I was thrilled to see this adorable argyle sweater dress. I'm a sweater dress fanatic. I love how they hug your body, and still show off your legs. You can wear them with boots, a pair of leggings, or socks. So many different ways to wear them. The Skully Argyle is no different. The skulls give that edge, and the tight, short skirt give it that hint of sexiness that merges to become another fantastic RIDDLE creation. This sweater dress comes on every layer, so you can mix and match to your hearts content. Don't we love that?

The socks I'm wearing is the Cable Knit Stocking set. So many things come in this set! You can wear them as knee socks, thigh high stockings, or as a pair of cable knit tights. And, an added bonus is these are tintable. So the possibilities are endless! Such a great deal.

If you haven't been to RIDDLE, stop by for a visit. Their selection isn't huge, but what they have is very nicely done. I, for one, can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Spotlight: Fishy Strawberry

Fishy Strawberry is a store I stumbled across a few weeks back.  It's full of lots of loud, bright colors, and I just fell in love with it.  There is a growing selection, and the designs are very unique.  There is even a lucky chair in the store, and if you're like me, you just love shopping when suddenly your letter comes up.  Like a little present!

The first dress is the Buttoned Dress in black.  It's available in a few bright colors, but I chose the black and white.  There is even a little bra included to wear underneath the dress.  It's absolutely adorable and hugs your curves perfectly.

I believe my favorite purchase of all were these jeans in the color smog.  You get the jeans and the capris with 2 different cuffs.  I love the fit of these jeans.  They are loose, but not baggy, and the sculptie cuffs are adorable!  This is a great buy, 2 for the price of one.  I love it!

Next is the V-neck tee, Lolita.  I immediately was drawn to the bright colors on the top.  Again, the shirt is loose without being too baggy, but it creates a perfect silhouette.

Last is the Minihood in red.  Cropped hoodies and sweaters are really in for fall, and when I saw this in all the colors it was a really hard choice.  This hoodie looks perfect with a tee and a pair of jeans, or even with a jean skirt.  Perfect for those cool fall evenings.

If you haven't been to Fishy Strawberry, definitely stop in and check it out.  Fishy Strawberry is located on Star Beach Island.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Laid Back Bad Ass with Carina Fredricksson

The night that I met Emma, I also met Carina.  When I mentioned that I'd like to feature Carina on my blog, she was so excited!  It's taken me forever to finally get this posted, but she is someone who I've had so much fun with since I met her.  We have the same shopping philosophy - Just buy it!

When contemplating our outfits for this post, she decided we would go with what she calls "Laid Back Bad Ass".  If it wasn't for her, I would have never found these perfect grungy jeans.  You all can't see it here, but my ass looks incredible in these jeans!

Carina looks a little more bad ass then I do, but I tried!!  Thanks for posing with me Carina, I had a blast!!

Carina's Look:
Skin - Laqroki Tasha 11
Shape - by Carina
Hair - Detour Rhapsody II (Brown)
Eyes - Alady (DP) Eyes (Dark Brown)
Lashes - Redgrave Eyelashes 04/MoulinRouge
Jeans - *League Woodstock Jeans/Skinny Fit (Black)
Tank - LaLaFooFoo T-shirt Tank (Night)
Boots - Jaywalk Melisande (Onyx)
Belt - Refuge United Belt (Black)
Wristbands - ETD Leather Plate Wristbands 

Pheobe's Look:
Skin - Slink Isabelle Sunkissed Makeup 2
Hair - Philotic Energy Ariadne II (Auburn)
Eyes - [[::Tuli::]] Steel Eyes
Lashes - (CS) Lashes - Vogue Size 1
Jeans - *League Drrty Jeans Grunge/Skinny Fit
Jacket - ::SC:: Maze of Love Jacket 
Tank - *Camie Cooper* Lace Trimmed Lady Beater (White)
Boots - Jaywalk Kit (Onyx)
Earrings - pc; Diamond Curl Earrings - available onrez
Cuff - Philotic Energy MO Cuff - no longer available

Elate Latest Release - Luanna

Anyone who's familiar with my blog knows that I adore Elate!  When Kellie sent over her latest release, I was thrilled to receive more goodies.  This dress is perfect.  Who doesn't need a little simple dress that can be worn in so many different ways?  I think I love dresses that from the front seem really simple and conservative, yet when you walk past and they take a glimpse of the low!

Kellie also has worked on some simple skinny belts that come on the jacket layer.  I absolutely adore belts, and they are really in for the fall.  Adding the skinny belt to this dress adds a little extra punch of color and seems to take the dress in a different direction.  This belt is available in so many different colors, you'll find an excuse to wear them in so many different ways.

Head over to the Elate mainstore and check it out!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nerdy Chic with Emma McKenzie

Last night I found myself hopping all over the grid looking for sales.  I didn't expect to meet so many interesting girls.  It turned out to be a great night of fun and laughter.

The thing I love the most about meeting and getting to know people is seeing how people express themselves in the clothing they choose and the way they put their outfits together.  I found myself talking to a group of fabulous women last night.  We each had very different styles, but we all shared a love of shopping.  

I thought I would show off a few of them.  I told them each to put together an outfit that reflected their style.  Emma McKenzie is my first fabulous victim.  She embraced the idea and had her outfit the very next day.  The thing I loved most about her outfit were the glasses.  I had never seen anything like them before, and as she sent over her style card, I found so many new spots that I had never been.   Truly, this is going to open my eyes to so many new places and designers.

Emma is adorable.  One of the sweetest gals I've met in a while.  We just seemed to "click" right off the bat.  Her style is adorable.  She loves flats, and has a way of throwing things together and just looking so unique.  

Thank you, Emma for helping me with my post, it truly was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to more shopping trips and posts in the future!

Emma's Look:
Hair: Truth - Polly - Dark Choco Light
Skin: Curio - Luster - Sienna
Eyes: Detour - Crystal - Green

Glasses: Spoon - OJ Nerdy Glasses
Earrings: VG Republic - Resin "Candy Ring" Earring
Lip Ring: Fuel - Lip Ring w/ Diamond

Scarf: Aoharu - Simple Scarf - Green
Sweater: Nylon Outfitters - Beaded Sweater - Purple
Tank:  Second Wave Apparel - Henley - Lavender
Jeans: FG Underground - Blue Tight Jeans
Shoes: Sculpties Up in Here - Phlat Ballet Flats

Pheobe's Look:
Skin:  ::Dutch Touch:: 6 Tanned Smokey Dark Pink Lips Serie Amy
Hair:  Novocaine  Sildete v2 - champagne
Eyes:  Shapes by Zada Eye Fidelity RealEyes - Deep Blue (n)

Sweater Vest:  Canimal Devil Candy (pink)
Shirt:  {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt White
Jeans:  (CS) Jeans - Dark
Shoes:  [SC] Sculpted Ballet Flats - Black
Glasses:  Nylon Outfitters Thick Glasses

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spotlight: MALT Fashions

Saturday I was able to attend a fashion show at MALT Fashions.  It was a "new to me" store since I had never heard of it, but I was amazed when I saw the models walk down the runway.

It's a huge store with such a wide variety of clothes and accessories.  Adorable baby doll dresses, shorts and tanks, sweaters and dressy capri pants.  I fell in love!

I chose some of my favorites to show you all here.  One of my favorite pieces in the whole store is the Knit Cardi, shown here in red.  It's a very versatile piece, which can be dressed up, or worn down.  It can be worn sexy, or more modest by pairing a tank underneath.  I paired it with the Grey Capris which are wonderful!  They are available in a variety of colors, and look fabulous with a pair of boots.  A perfect look for fall.

The next is the Tyrilah babydoll dress in white.  The perfect thing about this dress is it's offered as a long skirt or a short skirt, which is perfect for wearing as a babydoll top.  I love the sexy v-neck, and the wonderful detailing which you can really see on the Gold version.

MALT Fashions also has a room of accessories, and I'm wearing the Grey bracelets.  Who doesn't love chunky bangles?

MALT is definitely a store to watch, if you haven't been out to visit, take a trip to the mainstore on the Plush Terra sim.

SPIRIT In The Zone

It's football time!  And SPIRIT is the place to go if you're in search of a cheerleading uniform to cheer for your favorite team.  Ok, so maybe you won't wear the uniform while you're watching the game, but it's fun to play dress up sometimes, right?

I was so excited when SavannahAnn McMillan sent over a review pack of her In the Zone Pro Football Cheer pack.  It's got everything you could ever want to make your cheer outfit complete.  And, it's so sexy!!

The cropped tied jersey comes on jacket, shirt, and undershirt layers, plus sculpted tie.  The striped V Waist shorts come on the pants and underpants layers. The 3 Quarter Length Sleeve Tops comes on jacket, shirt and undershirt layers.  Features handpainted details at the cleavage, rhinestone trim, and semi-transparent 3 quarter length sleeves.  And the scripted Flexi Skirts includes satin ruffles flexi skirt with unscripted and SmartSkirt scripted versions (so you can walk, run, stand, and sit pretty), plus the skirt base comes with built in underwear on the pants and underwear layers, or without underwear on the jacket layer.

The Pro Spirit 3.0 Sculpted Boots are knee high boots and includes resizable scripted sculpted uppers in 3 sizes, plus sculpted foot parts for size 0 feet.  Made of soft leather with a subtle sheen and long zippers on the insides of each calf, plus thick heels for maximum balance while dancing and cheering. 

All clothing items in the SPIRIT In the Zone Collection are $100L each and are available in all 26 NFL team colors that have cheer teams (49ers, Bengals, Bills, Broncos, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Chargers, Chiefs, Colts, Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Jaguars, Jets, Panthers, Patriots, Raiders, Rams, Ravens, Redskins, Saints, Seahawks, Texans, Titans, and Vikings).

Pro Spirit 3.0 Sculpted Boots are $200 a pair and are available in the following 16 shades...49ers Red, Bills Dark Blue, Broncos Orange, Buccaneers Black, Cardinals Red, Chargers Yellow, Cowboys Silver/White, Dolphins Teal, Eagles Blue, Jets Dark Green, Panthers Bright Blue, Ravens Purple, Redskins Dark Red, Saints Gold, Seahawks Green/Blue, and Titans Pale Blue.

Flexi metallic poms are also available in the above listed 26 team colors for $50 a pair in large and small sizes.

Visit SPIRIT and take a look!