Saturday, November 1, 2008

Review: [the oBscene]

A few weeks ago, Kuja Akina let me know she was going to be releasing some new skins.  I held my breath (ok, not really) waiting on the release.  I was thrilled when she dropped a few of the skins on me to review.  I really love the skins at the oBscene.  The makeup options are of course gorgeous, but I also love the richness of the tones the skins are offered in.  I'm a sucker for "sunkissed" tones, and Kuja's skins have a rich, dewy-like appearance that I've absolutely fallen in love with.  A makeup lover in my first life, I always am drawn to skins which have unusual, dramatic makeup.  I love the use of color.  Maybe this is why I'm a skin lover in Second Life.  The skins in this release have makeup choices that honestly are to die for.

I've chosen 3 skin tones to show you in the picture.  First up is Venus-Diamond in Marigold.  This is a perfect makeup option for this time of year, I've worn it around for a couple of days now.  The shading on the skins is natural, and it makes my boobs look perfect.  You have to love a skin that does that!  ;-)  The next skin is Siren-Amber-Sibelee.  Of all the makeup options, this might be my favorite.  I love the natural lip, but the bold color on the eye.  The next picture is a paler shade, but it still has the same gorgeous richness.  Ciel-Quartz-Kyri is a bright green eye with an adorable pale pink pout.  Can I emphasize again that I love these makeup choices??  Last is another shot in the Siren-Amber skintone.

Head over to [the OBscene] and pick up your demos!

{Also wearing: Hair by ETD, Lashes by Cake, and Lingerie by Blacklace}

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