Sunday, November 2, 2008

Skin Flicks Latest Releases

Skin Flicks has quickly become one of my favorite stores on the grid because of the options that Mavis provides with each new release.  I love her new "Mix and Match" line, and when she sent over a folder of her new evening wear, I was blown away.  I'll admit that when it comes to evening wear, I'm partial to a certain "look".  What Mavis has done with this new release is give us options to take different skirt options and pair them with various blouses and jackets to create a different look.  I love this!  Mavis has provided 3 different styles which are sure to meet anyone's tastes.

First I paired the Brianna skirt with the Brianna top in Beige Floral.  I love the sexy cut of this top, one bare shoulder and the other sleeve puffy.  This skirt is perfect for a cocktail party where a short, flirty skirt is appropriate.  The perfect thing about this skirt is that it isn't too short, but the perfect length.  I absolutely love this floral pattern, and I love wearing beige in the fall.  It's such a rich, glamourous look.  Next up is Floral Jacket in Beige which I paired with the Grace skirt.  This skirt comes in a short and long version.  The skirt version hitting just at your knee.  I'm not a huge fan of "system" skirt looks but this skirt is very well done.  And this jacket, you have to see this jacket to believe it.  It's so well done!  Love it!  Last up is the Sarah Top with the Taylor skirt.  Of all the tops, Sarah is my favorite.  I love the cut of the neckline, this is definitely the sexier way to go of the three.

As you can see, Mavis McGettigan has done it again.  Another gorgeous Skin Flicks release!  If you haven't been by Skin Flicks, now would be a perfect time to go!

{Also wearing: Skin by [the oBscene], Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Shoes by DeLa, and Earrings by GeorgiaBean Lately}

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