Monday, November 3, 2008

Biddle Boots Latest Release

It's fall, and one of the reasons I love cooler weather is my love for boots.  I have so many different pairs in so many different colors, but the latest release by Valentine Biddle is definitely one of my favorite pairs.  Biddle Boots latest release is the Pirate Boots in black.  The boots are also available in ankle boots, and they have so many different options the combos are endless.  The boots feature menu texture change straps, cuffs, soles, and hardwear.  Not only do they come in fabulous colors, but they also come in animal prints, camo, and fur.  I love this!  Valentine really gives you options, and honestly it's not like buying one pair of boots.

Biddle Boots is quickly making a name for itself on the grid, so head over, grab a demo and try these fabulous boots.

{Also wearing: Skin by [the oBscene], Hair by ETD, Eyes and Lashes by Celestial Studios, Dress by Armidi,  Bracelet by +plus, and Earrings by Yummy}

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