Friday, February 22, 2008

Review: Canimal - Essence Skin

Canimal Zephyr was kind enough to drop on me her recently released skin line, Essence. Each skin tone is named after a different feminine quality: Grace, Charm, Mystery, Lust & Charisma. Each makeup is the essence of another quality such as: essence of snow, sunset, poison. etc. The makeup she shared with me was "Simplicity". It has beautifully smokey eyes and a soft pale lip with minimal blush ... amazingly well done!
Included with each skin purchase are free eyes and some eyebrow sample shapes. The eyebrows and lip colors can be changed in appearance mode. Also, in appearance mode, as an added bonus lip gloss can be easily added or removed. For this review, I decided not to edit the lip or brow. Surely its a great feature allowing the skin to be versatile to match any wardrobe.

Eyes: Canimal - Essence Soul (Blue)
Brow: Canimal - Brow Sample (Gently Rounded)

Lashes: Adam n Eve - Glamour Lashes (long - Black)
Hair: ETD - Tyra (Chocolate Burnt)

Location: Canimal

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