Sunday, February 3, 2008

Silently Judging

Reorganizing inventory is my least fav thing. What I depise most about this chore lately is I keep stumbling over all those Last Call (LC) outfits and all the ETD hair. While at the sales, fighting the lag bald and half nekkie, I bought nearly three-quarters of the stores as my linden wallet started smokin'.For the last week or so, these new buys have just sat in a generically and appropriate named folder in my "closet" called "Sale Shit". (yeah real original but I'm not that smart to come up with anything fancy.)That folder became the sitting pink elephant. Today was the day, to tackle said elephant! Not even a third of the way thru, I lost interest. To cheer myself up, I decided to go shopping but not at LC or ETD (anywhere but, please!).As I stood in the middle of a store, looking around, it dawned on me - I am wearing LC just like everyone else! Those not dressed in clothes from LC or ETD, are they silently judging me and those that are? I know I do when I spying someone in head-to-toe LC or their new ETD hair. That "judging" quickly fades when sl-reality hits that I too will be wearing that same exact item ... and LOVE IT!! Lesson learned: Buy it all ... and wear it proudly people!!

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