Sunday, February 10, 2008

Review: PixelDolls

(PixelDolls) LE Feb 2008 : Miranda
Not very often I go running when a designer releases a "limited edition" of anything. Pixel Dolls was and always has been a design house that I have watched, worn and adored.

When I arrived, nearly half the boxes were gone from underneath the three different outfits. Each sign had (what I assumed) 10 boxes to start. I picked the black/white outfit in the middle. At first, I hesitiated since the price was higher than I expected for an outfit I honestly won't wear each piece. The box is packed with chooses and layers! Each outfit had four different styles: nonprim long skirt, assym skirt, long prim skirt, and a short skirt (shown). I choose this one since I tend to wear jeans more and more ... this top would look best and the most versatile.

Overall, I do enjoy this outfit but the price - not so much.

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