Friday, March 28, 2008

Fashion Meets Mob Justice

We all know that behind each avatar is a real live person (got that) and each of us are playing out or into our own fantasies in some sorta way. I was reading and stumbled upon their SL CNN blog. Interesting enough there was a post that stated: "The majority of people that join Second Life like to make the most of their appearance. They may be ‘sweatshirt and jeans’ people in real life ..",
I started thinking how my RL fashion sense drives my SL fashion tastes. The clothes I wear in RL are pretty standard name brand stuff (sorry no cheesey name dropping). In RL, I too drool over some of the higher end name brands like most others ... and even own bags, shoes or apparel from these yummy designers.
The thing for me in SL is that I can easily pickup the latest trends at the "brand name" stores ... we all know the stores with awful lag and potential mayhem when new releases are finally for sale.
Lately I have seen and heard stories of SL designers taking inspiration or even making exact replicas of RL fashion. This is what makes SL that fantasy escapism that we all enjoy!
I've heard of designers getting heat for introducing RL product in SL. Yet, I see blog posts about other designers doing that very thing ... and yet no mobs have gathered outside their stores with pitchforks and torches calling for their demise. Interesting.
Surely I will be attacked for this post ... and so be it!! Its how I'm perceiving the SL fashion world and the so-called "fashionistas". By-the-way, I don't call myself a fashionista ... I'm just a chick prostrate to the SL fashion gods with her lindens in hand!

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