Saturday, March 1, 2008

Press Release: KMADD Event

The Urban Adventurer. This phrase conjures up a vision of business people, clad in Hugo Boss and Armani suits, making their daily commute through the urban jungle. Wearing their skull and bones messenger bags, they artfully dodge cabs while crossing the street, all the while balancing a Venti Starbucks latte in one hand and the financial paper in the other. Head over to TheZoo Fashion Show on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 4:00pm SLT and see how SL designer Froddo Beck applies the urban adventure way of thinking to his designs. MAD Agency is producing the show, and KMADD Enterprise CEO Kirk Claymore will be creating the "ode to nature" backdrop.
TheZoo designer Froddo Beck has cornered the market when it comes to the adventurer style. The clothes are simple yet wearable, perfect for the man who wants to ‘blend in’ with his surroundings. As the company tag line says, there is no fur, and the colours are not loud, opting more for more muted earth tones. Stylistically, think of a modern-day Indiana Jones but not costume-y or gimmicky. According to Froddo, “TheZoo is not about printing animal textures on the outfits, it’s about the wild (nature) side of life.”
TheZoo offers high quality clothing, with shirts, jackets, and pants seamless from every view. Images used are 1024px textures, and clothing items are always packaged as a complete adventurer outfit. Whether a true nature adventurer or an urban jungle explorer, any man would find designs from TheZoo a welcome addition to his wardrobe.
DJ Kromus spins the tunes for the after-party at 5:30pm SLT. Close your eyes, let go, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!
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PRESS CONTACT: Isabela LavalOn The SLevel PR Group / MAD Agency PR

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