Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silly Stuff: Do we need a slogan?

As Pheobe and I procrastinate on the next Fashion Challenge, I took some time off to goof off. (Hey its hard work doing nothing but I will take the hit for the team!!) While surfing to help market our blog, I found this:

It's Just For Me And My Fashionality.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator, for all your slogan needs. Get more fashionality slogans.


Pheobe Petrov said...

You're supposed to be coming up with the next challenge!

Stop your goofing off! :*

Luna Jubilee said...

OMG?! Me ... I am?! I must have missed that meeting ... ugh!!

Pheobe Petrov said...

I think it was one time when you were afk and I was playing the "blink once for yes" game. heehee

Eloria LeShelle said...

Nice sloginator! my favorite- Get the door, its Battered Boudoir!