Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can't have enough Jeans!

Who ever said that you can't have enough jeans was so right! I love jeans ... but ... only those with the primmie or sculptie legs. I saw someone post on their blog about their "dryer sheet" issue about jeans which made me think. The Dryer Sheet phenomena has plagued SL long before the dawn of pixelated time (ok so maybe not that long but a really long time). If you don't know what the "Dryer Sheet" effect is ... lemme tell you. Its when you get that goofy little fleshy colored flag that sticks out the bottom of your pants. Now this flag has taken on other colors but more commonly is flesh-toned.
I generally combat this by wearing boots and in appearance mode shortening the jeans. Another solution was to wear the "underwear" layer which also helps when looking to layer other tops or sweaters. With the introduction of well designed primmie and sculptie pant legs, Jeans have become a well worn basic in my wardrobe.
Pictured above in order:
Last Call: Dahlia Jeans (part of outfit)
LF: Penny Jeans [Deep] - Skinny Legs*
LF: Ingenue Jeans. [Dark] - For Heels Leg*
[Decoy]: Promise Jeans - Dark Denim*
G.L.A.M.: "Gold" Jeans in Dark Indigo Wash*
*multiple leg styles are available with purchase.

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