Monday, January 14, 2008

Great Finds

It's been a lazy Sunday for me. I was hanging out at my house, enjoying the sunshine, when I received a notice from Chai Skins on their new release. I immediately tried on the demo, and the second that I got it on, I had to squeal. I fell love immediately. I IM Luna and tell her she has to take me out shopping quick. She has been raving about Chai Skins for a while now. Telling me how she just can't take them off. The lips are amazing. The perfect golden glossy color. The eyes just pop. And the freckles, don't even get me started on the freckles. I'm sure I won't be taking this skin off anytime soon.

So, my great find for today...
LF Chai Skin - Nutmeg - Cin.

*sigh* I am SO in love.

1 comment:

Luna Jubilee said...

I have one word: GORGEOUS!!