Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great Finds

Luna finally made me change clothes. And, I even ventured out shopping today. I am feeling a little bit better. I decided to see if some retail therapy would help. What helps a girl to feel better? Well, besides! So, I was looking for some new jewelry and found my way into Caroline's Jewelry. I was the only one in the shop, just browsing when in walked Caroline herself. She started speaking to me, and I told her how I had been feeling quite blah and was looking for some jewelry to help me feel better. As sweet as she is, she ended up giving me her collection of Square Diamond Rings. They are sold in 2 different sets, and come in 8 different colors. They even have a color change band so you can switch from gold to silver. She said she gave them to me to try to help me feel not quite so blah. And honestly, it really helped. No one has ever just given me something like that. It made me smile for the first time today, and honestly, my day got better and better. Thank you, Caroline, for being so generous and giving. Your random act of kindness will keep me coming back to your store. You don't know how much it meant.

1 comment:

Caroline Apollo said...

aww you look gorgeous! I'm glad you liked the rings and that you're feeling better :)