Saturday, January 12, 2008

Luna Jubilee

Luna - that's me! What defines me ... ummm... not really sure. It a continual process of growing and learning ... but for the most part I adore my friends, spending lindens on over-the-top shopping outings and just being that lovable goof-ball chick!

My style is hard to describe - unique, classic, clean-lined, funky, mono chromed ... the list goes on. My closet is packed ... sometime I don't realize what's there. Just like everyone else, there are certain pieces I want, I have to have and I never wear.
Its hard for me to keep my clothes on for more than an hour or so. (ooh get your minds out of the gutter!) I change so often its now a joke with my friends. As I post here, you will witness my own eclectic tastes and the odd or off-center opinions that rattle around in my head.

Note to Pheobe: The Challenge is on! BRING IT! <3

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