Saturday, January 12, 2008


Fashionality is our baby ... a forum for us to chat about anything from fashion to boys to whatever is on our minds. The real reason we created Fashionality is to show off our own personal style and vent those crazy ideas we always seem to spew. Pheobe and I seem to have a very similar style but with our own unique twist. Each time we see each other, we either want the LM the other's clothing or already have it, just never wore it that way. Each week we will challenge each other to a fashion duel! We will browse the fashion of SL to find one article of clothing to create our own outfits. Pheobe and I promise to bring our own flair for fashion to the weekly challenges.Our first duel was a huge success ... and hopefully those pics and details will be posted later today. Check back often for the latest and greatest ... and of course our own introductions to this project, Fashionality!


Cassandra said...

Awesome, Luna! I just read the news over at your personal blog. So glad you decided to do this. I love reading your posts about fashion. I even caught your column several times when you were at PixelPulse Magazine. Looking forward to reading Fashionality. The blog looks great! *waves to Phoebe* I will probably link you. Good luck!

PS: you might remember me from Flickr. :)

-- Farona

Luna Jubilee said...

oh hey!! Happy to hear you love the new blog ... and really glad to see you are linking us! <3