Sunday, June 8, 2008

Plywood is the new black...

You can be a plywood man, too!

Peter Stindberg dropped on me this Plywood Man av this morning, and I don't think he knew how much fun we would have taking pictures. Oscar is modeling this interesting creation for me. We were careful that we didn't let him get too close to the fire. Talk about a disaster. The following is from Peter himself:

In mid-2007 Qarl Linden introduced displacement maps - better known as sculpted prims or "Sculpties" - to Second Life and changed the virtual landscape tremendously. By that time I developed "Plywood Man" as a homage to the "old" style of building with prims.

Whenever I wore Plywood Man in the past, it brought a smile on resident's faces around me. I even won two costume contests with it. Plywood man is fully operational, and allows you to use whatever animation you want. The effect is stunning, reminding a bit at Pinocchio or vintage Sci-Fi robots.

Plywood Man is now available to the general public at a price of 199 L$. Enjoy!

Yours truly, Peter Stindberg

Plywood Man is available Onrez and on SLExchange for your convenience:

You can visit Peter's blog at:
And his GREENE Concept blog at:

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LauraRose GossipGirl said...

hahaha this is hilarious! dont.. get.. too.. close to the fire!