Thursday, June 26, 2008


I stumbled across a store today. I had seen it mentioned on the feed a few times this week, but had never taken the time to go visit. I'm glad I did today. I absolutely fell in love. I picked up a couple of dresses. I could have went crazy in the store, but I limited myself to 2 dresses.

I'm wearing the Floral Dress in black. I love the black and white pattern. I'm a big black and white girl and find myself wearing a lot of it. I love the way it's a sweet little sundress but yet has a deep v just to make it a bit sexy. I paired it with a sweet soft updo and silver jewelry.

The next dress is Divine in purple. This dress comes in 2 other colors: a gorgeous green and chocolate. This dress is short, hugs your curves, and screams sexy. I love how rich the colors are, but that this can be dressed up and worn to a cocktail party or out to a club.

There are so many other designs. It really is a great little boutique and I'm sure we'll be seeing much, much more from this talented designer in the future. Head on over and check it out!

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