Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life's about change, isn't that what they always say?

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When I started this blog with Luna, I had never done anything quite like this before. Part of me wondered if anyone would really even care about what I felt like posting. Would I have anything of any interest to say? Would people think that it was just another fashion blog that blended in with all the countless other ones that seem to be popping up everyday? Would my posts be up to par, or would I fall short? Would my blogging partner think I was doing my part?

When Luna asked me to start a blog with her, I was actually quite shocked. I hadn’t been around SL very long, and didn’t really even know my way around. I felt like the noob follower who sort of attached herself to Luna’s hip and tried to keep up, but somehow always ended up falling short and making a fool of herself. I hid behind a mask of being the “dumb one” who would always laugh about how stupid I was. But, just like everyone else, I was searching for a place to really fit in. The blog was that for me. I felt like I was doing something and had a place. I posted anything on the blog. My new loves, emo music, ramblings, misspelled words, poor grammar. Whatever I wanted. It was my place, it was our place. No matter what other people came in our SLives, we made sense to each other. We enjoyed spending money, talking and wearing the same clothes (and sometimes the same hair and skins). Fashionality was our baby. We challenged each other. We pushed each other. That was what I needed to actually follow through. Someone who would push me.

Luna has left Fashionality. My first reaction was to just shut it down. Could I really go on without her pushing me to keep it alive? Would anyone really care to see my pictures, or read my ramblings? Would I be able to carry on what we started?

I’m trying to not give up so easily on things. I’ve always had this problem of walking away from things when they got too difficult. I’ve decided to not do that anymore. Oscar gave me good advice: “Do it for you. Keep it up if it’s something you enjoy. It isn’t about anyone else, it’s about you.”

So, Fashionality will live on. I can’t guarantee you it will be about fashion, it might just become ramblings about whatever I feel like talking about. I can’t guarantee there won’t be pictures of my favorite people posted and sappy songs. But, I can guarantee you it will be fun.

So, here’s to new beginnings.

3x5 - John Mayer

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Noelyci said...

I'm so incredibly proud of you for continuing with this! And I owe Oscar a beer for making what I told you be heard.