Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yesterday Vylorna Demar dropped me some prezzies to take a look at. I just love getting prezzies! Inside was packed with skins, hair, and clothes. I feel completely spoiled! My favorite of the whole bunch was the Moo-print bikini. I love the cut of the bottoms. And the top is sexy without revealing too much. And the bright colors are wonderful.

Almost as if she could read my mind, she included something pink. I absolutely love all things pink. I'm also crazy for little babydoll tops, so the flowin' shirt was perfect. I had to resize the babydoll part, and I'm not so good at it, so I never got it to fit just perfectly, but I'm just about the worst at editing. I'm not patient, and I usually end up completely screwing it up.

She also has a 3 shades of hand-drawn skins. I tried them on, and Oscar informed me that they are very "hardcore" and I am not. So, I won't show a picture of them because I don't think I could do them justice. But, if you like hand-drawn skins, definitely check them out.

Visit Vylorna's store, Veezy. You won't be disappointed!

Thanks for the prezzies, Vy. It was an awesome surprise!

Oh, and check out her blog: www.veezyinc.blogspot.com.

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