Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who needs a reason to get all dolled up?

060208, originally uploaded by Pheobe Petrov.

Isn't this dress delicious? I've been feeling a little blah about shopping lately, but when I received the latest releases from Shai, I squealed with glee. This dress is the most gorgeous dress I've seen in a really long time. And the colors are something I'd be drawn to in RL as well. I paired the dress with a pair of Armidi open toed Gold heels and a gold bangle. For the hair I decided to wear it up to show off the gorgeous neckline. I finished the look off with my latest love, the SLink Madison skins in Peacock.


Anonymous said...

That should be "squealed with glee."


Pheobe Petrov said...

Thank you for the correction, anonymous. Maybe you should start proofing my posts before I actually post them. That way you won't have to publically point out how much of a *blonde* I really am.

I guess I'm one of those girls who just can't be bothered with spellcheck.

Luna Jubilee said...

eye here ewe! Speel check is teh suck!

Anonymous said...

Happy to proof them anytime. Life is too short for bad grammar! :)

Oscar Page said...

It's funny how the people who consciously realize they're being jackasses always post anonymously.

Also, it was misspelled and that has nothing to do with grammar. :)

Oscar Page said...

Oh, and I almost forgot.


Simply an FYI.