Friday, June 27, 2008


Thursday night is always my night to go shopping. It just always seems to work out that way. Maybe it's because Oscar's usually busy, so I have to find ways to occupy my time. Tonight as I was combing the feed looking through the new releases, there was one new release that made me tp over as soon as the post hit the feed. This dress is gorgeous!

I've always been a fan of SySy Chapman's designs. I remember I was first introduced to her as I was standing in the middle of Armidi. The only thing that actually rezzed was a girl wearing the cutest dress. I remember mustering up the nerve (because I'm usually too shy to ask) to talk to her and tell her that I thought her look was absolutely adorable. She pointed me in the direction of SySy's. I'm ashamed to say that I never actually made it to her store, but when I saw this new release tonight, I had to head right over.

It's one of those dresses that just screams to be noticed. Imagine walking into a party in this dress. It would definitely turn heads. I love red, so I was immediately drawn to that color, but it also comes in olive. At $195 L, it is honestly a steal. SySy, this is definitely my favorite new release in a really long time!

And while I was there, I picked up the other dress too. Now, I just have to get Oscar to take me somewhere I can wear them!

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