Monday, July 7, 2008

New Releases: House of Heart

Sheltered Heart dropped me a whole folder full of her new releases to review. I had seen a few of her designs around the grid. These were a bit different then what I usually wear, but very fun to play around with. I chose 3 of her new releases.

Una is an exaggerated Victorian up do, very full and with lots of bouncy curls. I love curls, and I love the way it moves. I chose this updo to wear with my new release from Kunglers couture line, Paris. Shown here in black.

Tuli is a windblown style about shoulder length. The hair was inspired and named for her friend Tuli Asturias. This style is one that quickly became my favorite. This could very easily be a day-to-day staple. Shown here in brown.

Magika is a fringed style, half up-do half down do. It was named after her good friend Sabina of Magika and inspired by her. My picture just can't do this one justice, you've got to try it on. Shown here in glow.

The prices for single packs are $195L for 5 colors. Double packs are $290L and have 10 colors. Kit and Kaboodle packs are sold for $700L. Each style has demos to try which are available for free. House of Heart also offers jewelry, handbags, and have just started designing shoes. They also have skins available at the main location.

Visit House of Heart and check out their growing line of goodies.

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