Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Releases: Kunglers

You know how you feel when you try on a dress and you just feel really pretty? That's how I felt as I slipped into the newest dress, Paris, from Kunglers' couture line. This dress makes you feel like you're wrapped in feathers. The colors in the dress are bright, reminding me of a peacock's feathers. The delicate feathers cascading around your neck, the hint of skin around the midriff, which shows just enough to make a statement. Wearing this dress and walking into an event is sure to turn heads. And, as you gracefully slide across the floor, you're sure to smile, knowing that every eye is on you. This dress is sold for $449 L.

The next release is Louise. I love the black and white striped pattern. The detail on the bodice is the same great quality that the Kungler sister's produce week after week. What I love the most about this dress is AvaGardner and Barbra also include a matching bangle and necklace. There's a long and short version of pearls, which look adorable worn together as I have here. I love how they offer so many options and so many ways to combine and wear with different outfits. At $299 L, you get so much for your money. This is one of the reasons that these sisters are quickly becoming a favorite designer.

Visit them at Kunglers and take a look at the rest of their gorgeous, growing collection.


Shirley said...
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Pheobe Petrov said...

You're so welcome! And thank you for reading!

Daffernia said...

Really a unique design..! I really want to get that black dress for my wedding.