Monday, September 29, 2008

Kunglers Releases

Over the past few weeks the Kungler sisters have shared with me some of their fabulous designs, and honestly each week they just get better and better. I started with the two new releases this week.

The first outfit is the Antartida outfit, the latest addition to their fabulous Couture line. Included in this outfit is the gorgeous blouse which comes in 2 different versions. The version I chose was the one that was a bit less sheer for a more glamorous look, but the sheerer version is tastefully done as well. The knee length black skirt is perfect, it almost has a velvet look, which is perfect for the upcoming holidays. The belt comes on the jacket layer, and the awesome feather prim sleeves and neck. This look is the perfect holiday look, and will be perfect for all those parties you'll be attending.

The next outfit is Grecca. The Kungler sisters must have been in a party mood this week, because this dress looks like something you'd wear to a party. I love the length of the skirt, it looks great with a pair of heels to show off your legs, but it's not too short. The gold corset is perfect and the textures look like they are picking up the reflection from the light. I was wowed when I tried this on. The corset looks good without the bolero as well. It doesn't show too much skin, but just enough.

Bella is next. And I think of all the outfits that AvaGardner and Barbra have sent me, this is the one that I love the most. Of course, I say that with every new release. The wrap shirt fits perfectly, and comes in a sheer version and regular. I'm wearing sheer here, and as you can see, the sheer version isn't so sheer that you'd have to wear something under it. It's actually perfect. It reminds me of the beach, and even though it's getting colder here in real life, in SL I can wear summer wear all year long!

Ellen is an rich orange color, which is perfect for this time of year. I love orange, but don't wear it too often. In this outfit, it's absolutely perfect. The deep v of the neckline is tasteful but sexy. One of the outfits that makes Kunglers the brand that it is.

Last but not least is the Metropolli. I love the black and white print of this dress. I love the way the Kungler sister's embrace prints. Their designs are beautifully thought out and designed, and always leave me wishing I had their designs in my 1st life. The fabulous thing about these outfits are most all of them come with jewelry or manicures, which means you get so much more for your money.

AvaGardner and Barbra are doing a fantastic job. If you haven't been out to visit them, take the time. You won't be disappointed!

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