Tuesday, September 30, 2008

*Alchemy* Latest Releases

Alchemy is one of those stores that when you walk in, you're greeted with an array of bright, vivid colors that make you smile.  Constanza Volare's latest new releases are no exception.  There are a mixture of gorgeous, well detailed gowns and adorable sweater dresses.

Aire is a bold print sweater dress with adorable ruffled sleeve.  The bare shoulder adds a hint of sexiness, and the bright pink leggings add that pop of color that certainly makes a bold statement.  Aire is available in red, sky, purple, pink, black, and white (pictured).  Each dress has the same wild design, and come with matching leggings.  Aire is $180 L, or you can buy the fat pack of all 6 colors for $900 L.

Next up is Happy.  Another adorable sweater dress with leggings.  Happy has a cute polka-dot print, with 2 different color leggings, and 2 different types of skirts.  The texturing of this dress is superb.  The shading and buttons add an extra splash of detail that makes this sweater dress very realistic.  Happy comes in 6 colors:  teal, lime, yellow, red, pink, and sky (pictured).  Happy is sold individually by color for $180 L or a fat pack of all 6 colors for $900 L.  This dress is perfectly named, it really does make you happy!

The last dress pictured is Nostalgia in teal.  Nostalgia is a dress that makes me nostalgic for the 50s.  The neckline is gorgeous, and adds a hint of sexiness.  The prim skirt is nicely done, very little editing to make it sit well.  It also flows very well when you walk.  Nostalgia comes in 7 colors:  silver, gold, red, pink, purple, sky, and teal (pictured).  It is sold for $200 L per color or a fat pack of all 7 colors for $900 L.

Alchemy is packed full of so many gorgeous finds, you're sure to fall in love.  Visit the mainstore located at Emilia.

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