Sunday, October 12, 2008

*AnnaH* Latest Release

Newness at *AnnaH*!  I absolutely am a huge fan of Annah Whitfield's designs.  She knows how to take classic designs and add her own twist to them.  So anytime there is a new release at AnnaH I always pay attention.

Her latest release, Camila, caught my attention.  Camila is a short, strapless party dress, with the cutest little ruffles.  Once you turn around, you see the cute bows that adorn each ruffle.  This dress is just adorable.  It's short and shows off your legs, but the sculptie skirt flows so well.  One of the best in SL, in my opinion.  It was easy to edit, which is always a plus.  It is available in black, a gorgeous vibrant red, and a shocking blue.  I adore this in blue!  It's one of those dresses that just make you happy when you wear it!

Head over to AnnaH today and pick up this dress in one or all colors.  It's perfect for your next party!

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Hot Rockstar said...

These are so sweet!!