Saturday, October 4, 2008

My new favorite things...

We all have those favorite things.  When you try on those demos and you just know...  It's not often that when I try on a demo of a skin or hair that I say without having to even think about it, "I need the fatpack."  Usually I spend days thinking and debating.  But, there was no thought when it came to this hair and this skin.  When I say they are my favorites, it means I haven't stopped wearing them since purchasing them.  And, if you know me, you know I usually change often.  

We'll start with the skin.  People had been talking about the newest skin release from Kara Engle, but it wasn't until a few days ago that I went to grab my demo.  The store was empty, so I tried the demo on right there and the second it rezzed, I fell in love.  The face is perfect, it has that glowy look that I love, and there isn't a makeup in the fatpack that I don't love.  If you haven't tried on demos, I suggest you do.  Some of the best skins in SL, in my opinion.  Mia is at Appearance Mode, which I just love visiting.  I usually end up spending lots of money.

Next is the hair.   This hair is by Maitreya, and I do love their new textures.  I'm very picky about blonde textures, and usually stuck with my 1 or 2 favorite blondes, but Maitreya's gold blonde may have quickly moved to the top of the list.  The style is Emma, and I love the way it sweeps across the face.  I want this hairstyle in RL.   Do you think I could take a picture of my avi to the hairstylist?

I've had these pants forever, and I *heart* the Isabeax Leather Pants in red by LF Fashions.  Launa Fauna has made some of my favorite jeans in SL, and these pants are absolutely perfect.  The shading and texture are some of the best.

My top is the Boatneck tee in black by Laqroki.  I bought this tee in black because that's usually my "safe" color, but once I tried it on, I knew I would have to have it in every color.  It's perfect to wear with jeans and dress down, or can be dressed up.  It's on every layer, so you can mix and match.  So many options make it a great tee.

My jewelry starts with the Studded Horseshoe Pendant by [VG Republic], which makes some of my favorite jewelry in SL.  I love that all the jewelry is metal change, so I can wear it with every outfit.  I'm also a huge fan of long necklaces, and this little studded horseshoe is adorable.  I wear it with everything!  The price is also really amazing.

My bangles are the Healing Zebra bangles in Onyx and the Healing Giraffe bangle in Ruby, both by Armidi.  Armidi's is of course known for it's gorgeous products and their jewelry line is no exception.  These bangles add just the perfect touch, bringing the red and black together, and are perfect layered to add a extra touch.

Wrapping it all up is another goodie I received yesterday.  Polly Pavlova of The Body Politik, sent over a little preview of her new Tahitian Pearl Ring that she made exclusively for the Jewelry Expo.  I love this ring.  It's just simple enough to wear with almost everything.  You can change the metals, pearl, and gem colors by menu, which is super easy.  This ring was exactly what I was needing to complete the look, so it couldn't have come at a better time.  I can't wait to see what else will be featured at the expo!

Just a sample of some of my favorite things at the moment.  It changes frequently, but I want to thank these designers for making me so pretty!!

The rest of the look:  Lashes - Cake, Shoes - Armidi, Poses - *TorridWear*

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