Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SySy's Latest Release

SySy Chapman has done it again! She has released another gorgeous gown. The Dutch Sparkle Gown is one of SySy's latest releases, and I must say it's beautiful. The textures and fit are fantastic, and this gown is so sparkley. It gives the appearance of light sparkling off the fabric.
Just like usual, the gown is available in so many rich, bold colors. I've shown the dress in pink (which is my absolute favorite, not to mention it looks fabulous with Lion Skin's latest skin release, which is coming up in the next post), aqua, and gold. The dress is also available in blue and red. This dress really makes a statement. Wearing this dress you'll stand out and will get lots of attention.

Head to SySy's to check out her latest releases!

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