Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Mix and Match" with Emma McKenzie

I've asked Emma to submit a few of her outfits to be posted on the blog. If you have a chance to see Emma bopping around SL, you've seen her "outfit of the day" for whatever day it might happen to be. Emma has a way of putting outfits together that is awesome. She can take one item and base a whole "look" around it. But, what I love the most is that she's so versatile. Here's the first of many of her "Mix and Matches".

My Inner Bully by Emma McKenzie

Whisper Despres recently opened her new store, Famish, and she sent me over a few things to try on. One of my favorites is the Big Bad Bully Belt, which was my starting point for this outfit.

The belt comes with the essentials for all your bullying and prankster needs. There are cigarettes, a slingshot with rocks, m90's, a box of matches, Elmer's glue, Big League Chew, a few stink bombs, a bottle of itching powder, and a permanent marker.

After putting on ::69::'s, Rush hair, my next mission was to find some jeans and I finally decided on GearShift's SubZero Cargo Jeans and paired it with LurveBite's Dirty Guy Beater Tank. Hidden in the depths of my inventory I found these fighter gloves by MadHouse88, they make me look more tough, no? I threw on my well worn Urban Bomb Unit PornStars Xtra Hi-Tops to complete my look.

Rest of the look:

Skin: Dutch Touch Lana B (no longer available)

Lip Ring: No Mercy - Panda

Cigarette: Persona

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