Friday, October 10, 2008

Spotlight: *BOOM*

If you're looking for something a little on the sexy side, then *BOOM* is the store for you!

First off is appropriately called Office Tart in the color Pitch. I love the black and white striped button up shirt, which has a very low cut. Now, this wouldn't be appropriate in my office, but it might be fun to dress up! It also comes with a super mini skirt with slits up both sides. Definitely a skirt to show off your legs. I must admit, I really like it.

Next is the Leather Crop Halter in Black. I love the fringe detail on the front and the 2 cute bows in the black. The texturing is nice, and it comes with an adorable little feather arm band. I sort of felt all rocker-ish and really sexy.

If you've never visited *BOOM*, head over to the Cassiopeia Isle and check it out. You're sure to find something sexy for your friday night out!

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