Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spotlight: *sheer* and ~flirt~ Jewelry

If you're anything like me, sometimes you just need a pair of stockings to complete your "look". I love patterned stockings, and I was thrilled to find a store who gave me just about every sort of pattern I could ever want. *sheer* has the most amazing stockings you will find in SL. I was thrilled to see that there is also a small collection of clothes. She takes the "little black dress" to a whole new level.

*sheer*'s many patterned stockings are offered as thigh high stockings or tights. The same amazing patterns, just different styles. The stockings also come in the "torn" look, which is definitely for the hardcore. I've shown a few of the stockings styles in different patterns. My personal favorite is the "dots". It adds that little bit of "fun" to a simple black dress.

The dresses I've chosen to show you are so unique. The first dress is the Shift Dress in black. This adorable dress has to be my favorite in the collection. It comes with tops and bottoms in every available layer, which is wonderful. The top is very sheer on it's own, which would be perfect under a jacket, but I paired them together for a more sophisticated look. The Shift Dress comes with 2 options on the top. I absolutely adore the off the shoulder look in the first picture. It's so sexy! But it also comes with a traditional top for the classic look. I love the options that come in with each of these dresses. You're honestly getting 2 dresses for the price of 1. The Shift Dress is sold for $250 L.

The next dress is the Shiver Dress in black. This dress is a sweet little dress with a slightly flared skirt. Again, so many pieces on every available layer. The sheer top is optional, and also comes is a "torn" version. You can wear the dress with or without the sheer layer and it's just as cute. It could also be worn under a jacket. The Shiver Dress is also $250 L.

The last dress is the Shy Dress in silver. The texturing on this dress is really good. The silver has a sheen to it that I love. It also comes with 2 versions of the top, one with a slightly more sheer midsection. It also has the same slightly flared skirt. It's sold for $250 L.

I've shown the many versions of stockings that they carry, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. You have to take a trip to *sheer* to take a look at all of the selection. There is something for every mood there, and the perfect accent to any outfit.

Visit *sheer* on the Uruti Point sim.

The jewelry I'm wearing is a from ~flirt~ jewelry, Hearts & Diamonds.  This set has a resizer script, which I love!  It makes things so easy to fit, and if you're horrible at editing like me, it saves from lots of headaches.  It's also completely texture change, and there are so many different textures and metals to choose from.  If you haven't been by to visit ~flirt~, I definitely recommend a visit, Skinkie Winkler's designs are gorgeous!  Visit ~flirt~ at their mainstore on the Juicy sim.

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