Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ivalde Latest Releases

I don't find myself wearing system skirts very often, but when they are done well, they can look amazing. Neferia Abel is one of those designers who really knows how to do them. 2 of her latest releases feature fabulous system skirts, and they will definitely be worn often by me.

Everyone knows that Ivalde is known for their timeless, classic pieces. And when Neferia sent over her 3 latest releases for my review, I knew that these would quickly become staples in my wardrobe.

First is Ebha in Black and White. I love the shirt with the beautifuly flowing prim sleeves as well as they little ruffles on the front. They blouse shows just a hint of skin, which adds a bit of sexy to this outfit. The pattern on the skirt is perfect. It gives this classic piece a bit of a punch. The thing I love most about this outfit is the belt. I find it so hard to size prim belts and usually end up not wearing them because they never look quite right. This belt is on the jacket layer, with the knot and ties done as a prim attachment. It looks so natural and fits perfectly. I absolutely love it!

Next up is the Aghna dress in dark grey. I wore this dress around the grid on Saturday because I just felt so put together. This dress also features a fabulous system skirt, and the sleeves on this dress are gorgeous.

Last up si the Leona Jacket. I absolutely love animal print, and since fall is here, I'm really into jackets right now. The pattern on this is lovely and this jacket can be worn long (as pictured) or can be worn short as well. I threw this on with a pair of jeans and boots and I was ready to go.

If you haven't been to Ivalde*, head over for a visit. Neferia has so many releases for fall, you're sure to find something to make you feel beautiful.

*slurl coming soon (when I can get the thing to let me make one!!)

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