Thursday, October 2, 2008

Review: OoPS FaSHioN

A store new to the fashion world of SL is OoPS FaSHioN. They have a small, but growing collection of adorable things.

Violette is their latest release. I love the vivid purple color of this dress. This dress paired perfectly with a pair of heels, and the hem length is perfect to show off your legs. It comes with a purple feather for the bodice, as well as another one for the hair. The layered skirt look is really popular right now, and OoPS FaSHioN offers a wonderful take on that. I put it on and felt flirty and cute. Definitely a dress you need to add to your wardrobe!

La nuit noire is a sexy outfit with short velvet shorts and a shirt that leaves little to the imagination. This set comes with adorable butterfly tattoos to add that extra little bit of edge. I'm not a huge tattoo wearer in world, but these are just girlie enough to be cute. I will definitely wear this with other outfits. Also included in the set are the tights that also have the same butterfly tattoo effect, so you can go with our without tights and still have the same overall look.

Cabaret may possibly be my favorite of the bunch. I absolutely love this dress! The strapless top is sophisticated and classy, and the uneven skirt adds a hint of whimsy. This dress is sure to get you noticed, not to mention the texture is gorgeous.

OoPS FaSHioN is located on House Music Island, if you haven't been by to check them out, pay them a visit.

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