Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lion Skins Latest Release Suzana

Lion Jonesford dropped on me a preview of Lion Skins latest skin release. The makeup options in this new release are just as fabulous as we've come to expect from Lion Skins. These are definitely not your everyday makeups. I love the use of colors around the eyes, and how unexpected they are. If you're in need of makeups that scream "drama" then Lion Skins will have something for you. The latest releases are in the Suzana line, I'm wearing them in pale tone. I love the soft look of the makeup. The lips are soft and feminine, not to take away from the bold eye. I'm drawn to more of a dramatic look rather then natural, so these new makeup choices were just about perfect for me.

If you've never been to Lion Skins, make a trip out to grab some demos. Lion Jonesford has so many makeup options in several different tones. The first time I went by to check them out, I was a bit overwhelmed. It's taken me a couple trips just to take everything in.

Lion Skins are definitely on the "must watch" list!

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